MHS Urban Art Club salutes the class of 2008.


A few months back I did a post regarding the Monrovia High School Urban Art Club and their mural program.  I managed to worm an invitation to watch them produce their latest one for the Class of 2008’s graduation.   What you see here is is the final product.  It took more than a few hours over a few days to produce the mural.  To see how they got to the final product you need to make the jump.

You start with roller painting the old mural with white paint.  A rough sketch is sprayed on and the process of filling in the lines begins. 


Paint rollers make it easy to fill in the big blogs of color.  And no, that is not an accidental leaf just some lines to define internal limits on the zero. 


After the fill they outline and add shading.  Here Juan starts drawing in the “3D lines” for the next step in getting the painting done.  Urban art is about improvising and when you don’t have a scaffold you use an inverted trash can.  Job done and no extra cash.  It is about using the tools you have at hand.


A lot of stepping back and watching the progress takes place.  Of course campus security keeps tabs to make sure the mural follows the sketch.  To get the “3D lines” in there was a lot of stepping back and making sure they went exactly where they wanted them to go so it made sense visually.

After the basics are in the detail process starts.  That is a lot of fine line work.  Going back over the blank areas of the wall with white to remove their sketch marks.

I was so impressed with these kids and the schools leaders to allow them to do their murals I was compelled to help them where I could.  I went to Monrovia Association of Fine Arts president Bill Beebe to see what we could grant them for their mural program.  He liked the idea of reaching out to a different group of kids and supporting their art.  I did have to explain it to the group for a vote and in the end we did manage to get them a small grant.  Shown is Jose Marin, the MHS sponsor (and campus security) with the grant check of $250 to help the group produce their murals.

The pics are by me.  Several are done in HDR.  You can see the complete set in my Flickr MHS Urban Art Club Murals folder.

2 thoughts on “MHS Urban Art Club salutes the class of 2008.”

  1. I feel the excitement of the author of the post but I have a hard time balancing that with the final work.

    Im not from Monrovia but know it well. Mainly because its one of the last small town places that keeps itself clean and together. Outside of the gang issues lately.

    This is more of an amateur “piece” rather than something that refers to the history of the school, area or even graduating class. One would think that you would put those factors into play as well as the history of what murals should be. Yeah we can get into what is art and whatnot, but theres education that needs to be presented to kids when theyre making something like this.

  2. Yourfriend, actually if you had checked out the flickr folder you would have seen some really prime examples from the first post. This was not a best effort, but to their credit most of the kids who usually help were busy with finals and graduation stuff on their own.

    Monrovia is still a pretty clean little place, ‘cept for where the gangs are, but name one place that hasn’t experienced that in LA.

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