Archiving Angeles (AA): Philharmonic Auditorium


There it stood. 54 years before the dedication of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. 93 years before the doors opened to Walt Disney Concert Hall. 75 years before it’s own demolition to make way for a parking lot near 5th & Hill in Downtown Los Angeles.

It opened with a performance of “Aida” on the largest stage in the west. It hosted the premier of D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation”, with a full orchestra to play the score. The Los Angeles Philharmonic would call it home for more than 4 decades.

It stood as a pillar to music and the arts. It stood as a symbol of pride for the city. It was the Philharmonic Auditorium. Clune Auditorium. The Theatre Beautiful.

The year was 1910.

Photo from USC Digital Archive

6 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): Philharmonic Auditorium”

  1. And 23 years after it was cleared to make way for a new development that was never built, the land where the auditorium once stood is still… a parking lot. Sigh.

  2. The Militant has read about this building before and seen pics of the interior and part of the exterior, but this was the first one he’s seen of the entire building’s massing. Very beautiful. Imagine if it had still remained, how much THOSE lofts would be going for…

    We talk about the demolition of buildings, and yes some of it is shameless erasing of history, but in an earthquake-prone area with constantly-upgrading ‘quake codes, many of our buildings fall victim to a form of structural Darwinism.

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