Free Birthday Party and Art Show in Monrovia Saturday

bday_invite_4_web.jpgSaturday, May 3rd at 7PM Monrovia artist Joseph R Davis is having a birthday party.  To celebrate he and the Paint n Play 2 Art Studio and Gallery are throwing him a party.  It is FREE and open to the public.  

Joseph is a local man, went through the MUSD system and is among our local “art stars”.  Joseph is very involved in the Monrovia Art Festival Association that supports art education in the MUSD Schools. He is classically trained as a graphic artist.  He took up photography and has blended the two media to produce some very startling images.

I’ve talked with Joseph and his wife Amber a couple of times over the last few weeks.  Joseph has a couple of new pieces he will debut on Saturday. He won’t give me even a teaser jpeg to see what he has in store for us this time around.  I can’t wait for Saturday to get here so I can see what he has been up to the last few months.

I’ve been to enough art receptions to know to often you get stuck with Two Buck Chuck and freebie nibbles that aren’t much more than Cheez-whiz on day old bread.  This is going to be different.  Food is being catered by The Peach Cafe which many here in town consider our best upscale eatery.  The wine is being catered by California Wine and Cheese and it is promised we’ll have a special selection for this party.  Good art, good food and good wine, can’t go wrong with that combo.

Paint n Play 2 Art Studio and Gallery, 418 S Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia CA 91016.

LAUSD Teachers Rally Against State Budget Cuts


With the California Governor proposing up to $5 billion in cuts to the education budget, the LAUSD activists are busy working to increase awareness of the issue.

The governor has proposed a 10% cut across the board for all departments and agency in the state—including education. This may be one of the few things LAUSD and UTLA can agree on—cutting education funding is a very bad idea. Also remember: school districts all over California are being affected.

This Sunday, LAUSD teachers will be driving from downtown LA along Sunset Blvd to a middle school in Brentwood near Schwarzenegger’s home. They will be trailed by media and they are sure to be a rowdy bunch, honking and waiving signs.

Support your educators! According to this article in the Mercury News, most people are against cutting the education budget, yet they do not want an increase in taxes. Do the next best thing: call your legislators and representatives and give ’em a piece of your mind.

The teachers’ union has also discussed the possibility of a one-hour strike during the first week of June.

Sunday May 4 3:00 p.m.

Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

Caravan to: Paul Revere Charter Middle School

(Near the Governor’s Brentwood home)

1450 Allenford Ave.

Brentwood CA.

Map of Caravan Route

Find your legislator by zip code

Picture from a Senior Care Center on El Segundo Blvd. in South LA.

It Caught My Eye: Wood That I Knew!

img_9384.jpg img_9385.jpg The thumbnails at right won’t give you much more a clue than I had standing next to the strange stacked thing so click to humongify them and see if you might derive the origin and intention of this Faircrest Heights angular mod-oddity.

My uneducated guess is that since it’s base is the truncated trunk of a chopped-down arbor might it be a stylized Frank Gehry-esque homage perhaps to and of whatever once stood here on the east side of Crescent Heights south of Pico Boulevard? Woodn’t you agree, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Opine away! Get it? O-pine? As in — no, you shut up!

Confidential, to the bitch in the Escalade

Sweetheart, I didn’t pull into the intersection because the traffic on the other side wasn’t moving. I was trying to let the little old lady turn left in front of us. But people in huge fucking trucks kept swinging around me and gunning it, so she was too terrified to go anywhere. So I gave in and pulled forward when traffic ahead of us started to move. I didn’t realize you’d choose that exact moment to lose patience with me (I think it had been an entire minute since I stopped) and pull around me. Wow, Escalades accelerate pretty fast! You were almost in front of me when you looked over and saw that I was moving. I know how hurt you must have been that I was going with the flow of traffic, so it’s totally understandable that you whipped back into my lane. Your behemoth Cadillac was way more entitled to that piece of road than my compact car was, even if I was currently occupying it. It’s OK, I have good breaks. And hey, look at that! My horn works, too! Oh, does that make you mad? Oh my god, you’re pulling over and gesturing to me to fight you? Lady, you are tiny and blond. “Tough” looks silly on you. And seriously, we both have children in our car. Mine is small, but yours looks to be around nine. What the hell do you think you’re teaching him? You idiot.



P.S. Mild controversy, after the jump.

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I Am Obsessed With Diablo Cody’s Twitter

diablo1.jpgThere are a lot of Twitters out there. Most of them dry up the moment they are born. But, there are a few that manage to stay fresh despite the rigors of life in L.A. One such Twitter belongs to Diablo Cody.

Here is what I have learned about Diablo today:

  • She is becoming a “Marfly”
  • She just bought a new dress
  • She like enchiladas for breakfast
  • She strung Christmas lights on her gate so the Pizza Hut guy could find her more easily
  • She’s never seen an episode of The Hills

Oh, Diablo. I never knew we had so much in common. Except for the dress.

“FUN”-goria’s Weekend of Horrors! (Part 2)

Hello friends! In Part 1 of our Fangoria Weekend of Horrors! adventure, we waded through enormous crowds, recycled wisely and saw at least enough cult icons to play four-on-four on a half-court.

Just as our ongoing expedition up the mountain of good times was about to reach it’s peak, we caught a snag that sent us plummeting hard and fast, matched only by the graceful nose-dive Mr. William Shatner performed in the opening scene of Star Trek V.

Read on to see the true horror revealed and limits Mark and Steve are prepared to test in their ceaseless pursuit of a truly magnificent Sunday.

Warning, do not click if bugs, sudden changes in scenery or grown men holding hands terrify you.

Click here for the exciting continuation of our gripping 3 part adventure!

Tonight Is Taco Truck Night in LA!

taco truck nightMy friend Evan at Hot Knives pointed this out to me: in light of the recent legislation that could potentially punish taco truck owners with jail time if they linger in one location too long, tonight’s been dubbed Taco Truck Night. The organizers at hold forth thusly:

As mentioned in The Los Angeles Times, to celebrate this year’s May Day we’re announcing Taco Truck Night. Take your family, your friends, or anybody else who loves tacos. Go out, get some carne asada or al pastor and support your local hard working taco vendor.

While you’re there be sure to hand out some posters and tell your fellow Angelenos what’s happening to our beloved Taco Trucks. We’re looking to raise awareness in the community as well as provide a nice cash infusion to the hard working men and women who labor into the early hours to keep our bellies full.

Below [click here for map] are some suggestions for taco trucks throughout the greater Los Angeles area. This list is by no means exclusive so strike out and explore a little. Know a great truck? List it on our petition. You can also try the venerable Great Taco Hunt for more suggestions.

Aaron and I will be stuffing our faces with Asada and Carnitas at the La Estrella on York and Ave 54 around 8 PM. Hope to see some of you there!”

I heard a discussion of this on indie103.1 this morning, and they mentioned how the brick-and-mortar restaurant lobby may be behind much of the legislation push. What do you guys think? Should the landed restaurants get a break in the form of this legislation? Or are you of the mind that “if they served better tacos, we’d go to their restaurants, but they don’t, so we’re going to the trucks.”…?

64 Worst Quarterfinals: Cost of Buying a House vs. Parking Tards


Back when times were simpler, Will Rogers recommended, “Buy land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff.”

These days we’re inching closer to making a frickin’ black hole, but we haven’t made a single dent in the creation of more land.

With the median price of a house in Los Angeles County currently at $440,000.00 and the average married couple bringing home $58,000.00 a year, is it any wonder that most Angelenos can’t afford to make the American Dream of home ownership a reality? In fact, many of L.A.’s poorest residents end up living with several families all under one roof, packed like sardines in a crushed tin box.

Yes, you heard it here first. The cost of housing in Los Angeles sucks.

But so do parking tards.

You know parking tards, right? They’re those palookas that for reasons unknown—perhaps a deep-seated anger towards the housing market?—feel it’s their God-given right to plant their vehicle on the street any way they damn well please.

Spotting parking tards is a favorite pastime here at L.A. Metblogs. Eagle-eyed authors have discovered that P-tards sometimes travel in three; sometimes they’re idiot savants; and sometimes their unscrupulous behavior can make even the most refined among us utter the single most offensive word ever devised by man.

Which is worse:

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…poll closes Saturday evening…

Photo of Silver Lake’s Occidental Apartments, courtesy of

*** Bonus: Archival photography of history’s most famous parking tard.