ICME: Know It All Napkins At Local Eatery

There’s nothing I hate more than a napkin that makes me feel stupid. As luck would have it I’m a little smarter than your average napkin so this rarely an issue. However, the napkins at Don Antonio’s on Pico are not your average napkins, just take a look:


I found that napkin to be full of difficult questions and I’m something of a savant for trivia (I knew 3 of the 7 questions shown). The other side of the napkin was a little easier thanks to the Bullwinkle question but the remaining napkins on the table were even harder. I enjoyed the carnitas but the next time I go to Don Antonio’s I’m asking them to hold the know it all napkins.

Answers to the questions on the smarty pants napkin after the jump, I hope you do better than I did; no cheating.

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Wolfpack Dragrace Report



Last night was the Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Dragrace that I mentioned the other day and for those that showed up and stuck it out it was one hell of an event. Somewhere between 200-300 riders were in attendance around the 11pm when qualifications were supposed to begin but due to the crowds and chaos things were *a tad* bit late to start. Previous races have seen the full support of the LAPD (with at least one race even having officers in patol cars blocking off the 2nd st tunnel for us) so just after midnight when the cops showed up people weren’t too surprised or worried. Ooops. Continue reading Wolfpack Dragrace Report

Weekend Bullets: Bee invades L.A.!

moratilla.jpgWelcome to LA, Moratilla!

  • Clifford at Asymptotia went to this year’s open house at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Apparently they’re so advanced at JPL that his coverage from last year is worth repeating – and its still cutting edge!
  • Vern at The Hobo Soul profiles a pet groomer who works out of an RV. Her big problem is finding parking – go figure.
  • LAist has launched a new series called LAistory, beginning with a story on Val Verde, “The Black Palm Springs.” Lindsay Williams Ross writes that from 1928 through the 60s, a small Santa Clarita Valley town became a resort community for African Americans.
  • Donna Barstow at Griffith Park, Interrupted writes that the LAFD could have benefitted from water in a now drained Silver Lake reservoir to fight a fire yesterday in Echo Park. She also posts a follow up from a fire department captain that the LAFD is still equipped to handle any emergency, but she remains skeptical.
  • Neil, the perpetual Citizen of the Month, is accepting nominations for the poorest bloggers, most down on their luck bloggers. He’s accepting letters from collection agencies and copies of tax statement as proof.
  • Michael Schneider at Franklin Avenue almost posted about a Los Angeles area Dunkin’ Donuts opening… before realizing he’d only seen it in a dream. For some reason, this reminds me of the bleary eyed “time to make the donuts guy,” only this time saying, “time to write the blog posts.”

Raising education funds one brush stroke at a time.


Wild Rose Elementary isn’t much different than any other public school in the state. Faced with possible budget cuts and the need for fund raising as discussed here in Metblogs this last week they are taking the steps needed to ensure they can continue to have art education in their class room. They are working on ceramic tiles that will be sold at a silent auction later this month. The 20 students doing the tiles were drawn from a random drawing at last week’s assembly.

msayers3.jpgMs Stacy Ayers arrived last year at Wild Rose Elementary taking over the job as principal. The school had just received its California Distinguished School designation and she looked to build upon that and make the school better. According to Ms Ayers “I knew finding money was going to be a problem, the budget is limited and you have to know where to look. Sometimes you have to find money outside the budget and need to know where to turn to find it.”

She found ways to raise the funds with the help of the PTA and was able to bring art classes to the students as part of their curriculum. A good start but even those efforts needed more fund than she and the PTA could find. They turned to the community to find a way to fund the coming school year.

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Video Commenting is here!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to take a second to point out a super cool new feature we’ve just rolled out on the site. Video comments! Assuming you have a webcam of some sort, you can now add video comments here (as well as any other Metblogs site) in a click or two. If you look below where you’d usually go to post a comment you’ll see an “add a video comment” link, click that and it’ll walk you through a few initial set up steps to get you rolling. Thanks a ton to our friends at Seesmic who are helping make this possible. {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/jsqMfcpSGh_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:” “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/X6LuobHu8B”}}}

Iron Man spotted at the Arclight!

Hello friends! We just got back from seeing Iron Man at the spectacular Cineramadome, and boy was it ever! Aside from a lackluster score, it’s easily the best superhero origin movie yet and we highly recommend you hop out to your local movie house and support Marvel Studio’s outstanding entre into the movie business.

It was also fun to see a true Los Angeles-based superhero on screen. Flying around the Santa Monica Pier and attending parties at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Though, his awesome residence in Malibu is just too cool to actually exist and would no doubt be a world-famous architectural landmark if it did indeed sit atop that hill overlooking the ocean.

For more pictures and impressions, click here!

A Tale of Two Cities’ Libraries

img_0806-wince.JPGIn the midst of the worst of times for the Los Angeles Public Library system, some West Side libraries still feel like they are thriving. In particular, the Santa Monica Public Library is a large, bright, inviting indoor/outdoor space surrounding a central courtyard featuring the Bookmark Cafe, where patrons can sit in the sun or the shade, go online, and enjoy some pretty good food. The Santa Monica Public Library also boasts dozens of computer terminals, private reserved study rooms, underground parking, and free WiFi.
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Get Your Bike On

wolfpackla_1209532349.jpgWhile there’s never a shortage of Bicycle related things going on in LA on the weekends, this weekend seems especially packed with things I actually want to do, though probably won’t be able to attend each and every one. Half to inform and half to try to schedule it out in my head, I thought I’d whip up a little schedule here of just a few of the many things going on.

7:00PM – Santa Monica Critical Mass. I have to say I’m generally not a CM kind of bike rider myself, but there’s been a lot of interesting things going on politically with this ride in the past few months and since Ride Arc is starting near where this is ending it suddenly seems more appealing.
9:00PM – Ride Arc. The thinking man’s Midnight Ridazz as it’s been called. Generally my favorite of the ‘once a month’ rides.

3:00PM – Los Angelopes. Yeah.
11:00PM – Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Dragrace 3. Downtown, 2nd street tunnel. This is going to be amazingly fun.

1:00PM – Screenprint Fundraiser for Aids Life Cycle Team Midnight Ridazz
8:00PM – One Night Kickstand filming. Yeah.

Waterboarding is Not a Crime

Standard Operating Procedure
Think political discourse in this country has turned dumb, dumber, dumberer, and even dumbererer?

Then you owe it to yourself to see documentary filmmaker Errol Morris’ latest Standard Operating Procedure, a movie that fearlessly pulls back the curtain to expose the story (or rather, several stories) behind the infamous Abu Ghraib photographs. The film by the director of The Thin Blue Line, Mr. Death, and The Fog of War opens today in Laemmle’s theaters around town as well as the Westside’s Landmark.

At a special Hammer Screenings preview at the Billy Wilder Theater last week, a packed house sat silently and intently as the film presented profoundly disturbing interviews with several individuals behind the photographs and their subsequent investigation.

Errol Morris’ use of his patented Interrotron—a device he created to make face-to-face interviews possible while his subjects look directly into the camera—allows the audience to peer straight into the eyes (and seemingly the souls) of the army soldiers, military police, and others involved.

Photo: Still from the film Standard Operating Procedure. © 2007 Max Ave Productions. Courtesy Sony Pictures Classics. All Rights Reserved.

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Classic Car Cruise returns to Monrovia

monroviaclassiccarcruise.jpgAfter an absence of nearly 5 years Classic Car Cruise has returned to Monrovia.  The Cruise nights will be the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month through the summer.

In my house we have missed Cruise night since it departed.  Good old fashioned family fun, for the boys and I in particular, a fun night of bonding showing off the old Buick Centurion we restored.

I talked with Glenn,  one of the organizers and it is bigger than years prior.  The last event had over 100 classics all waxed and polished up and they even anticipate more cars at this Saturdays event.  Currently there is no age limit on the cars as they have ample room.  If the growth continues they will restrict the entries to pre-73 cars only.  (Whew…keeps my beast in the running).

Music is provided courtesy of a DJ and is a good mix of 50/60’s rock.  With this being So Cal a good dose of Beach Boys and the surfer sound is included.  More details after the jump. Continue reading Classic Car Cruise returns to Monrovia

it’s a damn geeky weekend in los angeles

I think this could be the geekiest weekend we’ve had so far this year. Allow me to explain:

  • Iron Man comes out today. I saw a preview screening on Monday, and other than the score (which is absolute crap) the movie is damn near perfect. I think it’s the best comic book movie since Sin City, and blows Transformers and the last two X-Men movies into oblivion. Go see it for the pitch-perfect performances, lead by Robert Downey Junior. io9 says, “Iron Man is the first comic-book movie that’s actually better than its source material. That’s partly because Iron Man is one of the most boring characters in the history of comics, but it’s also because the movie manages to transcend its source.”
  • Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Go to your friendly local comic shop, and load up on piles of free comic books.
  • JPL is having their open house Saturday and Sunday, so after you get your fix of pretend science in the movies, you can get up close and personal with some real science.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it? Put on your nerd cape and have a great weekend, everyone!

It Caught My Eye: Wildflowers in Rancho Park

poppiesinrp3.jpgIn Mid March I posted about Poppy Viewing Season and had every intention of visiting the Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley and writing a follow up post. Fate had other more tragic plans for me and so poppy viewing was out this year, or so I thought. While getting some exercise through my neighborhood this week, I took a different route and saw these gorgeous, happy orange blossoms taking over someone’s front yard. (click photo for more pop.)  I really am grateful to get even a small eyeful of these beauties.

El Chavo was able to go to the reserves in late March and wrote about it here.

More westside poppies after the jump.

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