Urbane Guerillas

img_0336.jpgIt’s been a few months in the waiting but “The Urban Homestead” written by Echo Parkians Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen is finally out and available and I had to give it a shout because it’s an awesome and informative resource and because Erik’s a friend of mine, but also because the day after I ordered one up I found a hand-delivered package on our doorstep Thursday. Inside was not only my autographed copy of the book, but a bonus bottle of their homebrewed beer as well as a basket of eggs fresh from their own backyard chickens, each one a different color — the eggs, I mean (and perhaps the chickens, too).

I’m not saying that if you order your own copy of the book it’ll arrive similarly augmented with some of the products of their self-sufficiency, but you won’t know if you don’t buy! Available for purchase directly from their excellent Homegrown Evolution blog, at Amazon and booksellers everywhere, including Skylight Books in Los Feliz Village.

P.S. Kelly and Eric were featured in this article on “guerilla gardening” in Thursday’s L.A. Times.

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