Mr. Hawk is back!

The hawk family has returned.  We spotted the female hiding in a few trees a couple of weeks ago.  At 7:04AM this morning Mr Hawk arrived and started his screeching as he sat atop a power pole next door.

What remains to be discovered is where the pair have built their nest to raise their young.  With luck we’ll find out soon.  Can’t wait as usually around July 4 the babes have lost their pin feathers and are beginning to fly. And hunt.

Pic by me, it does get bigger with a click.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Hawk is back!”

  1. P.S. I keep trying to get video of this thing I see nearly every morning.

    There’s a few stray cats in the area I live in and there’s this one bird with huge testicles (figuratively). He always jumps down and fucks with this one cat. The cat just walks away. The bird reminds me of Joe Pesci’s character in “Goodfellas”. One of these days, he’s gonna get his.

    – AP

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