LAMag’s 64 Best Things About LA: For the Love of God, Please No Pink’s

lamag.JPGSo, over at Los Angeles Magazine’s website, they’re down to their final 4 contenders for the best thing in LA.

Wait for it.

Your choices are…

Amoeba Records.

The Capitol Records Building.

The weather.

Or Pink’s Hot Dogs.

Are you FUCKING kidding me? Of all the awesome stuff on that original list of theirs, from the hills to the Getty Center to Langer’s, the Central Library, Topanga Canyon, Disney Hall, the Watts Towers, the Huntington Gardens, the Bradbury Building, Roscoe’s Chicken ‘n’ Waffles, the beach, Griffith park, Sunset Blvd., the Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Forever, neon art, and the effing quality of the light itself, we come down to THESE four choices?

I feel ill.

If Pink’s wins, I’m sticking my heat in a vat of boiling wiener water and ending it all. At SKOOBY’S.

The weather is really the only viable choice here, IMO. I mean, these things are all cool (with the exception of Pinks, OMG they are awful, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t gotten some sort of gastric distress there) , but THE BEST THING ABOUT LA?! You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Go vote here & save my anemic faith in the people of this city.

10 thoughts on “LAMag’s 64 Best Things About LA: For the Love of God, Please No Pink’s”

  1. At the risk of incurring Michele’s wrath I will fess up to having happily downed the occasional Pink’s dog and not suffered any gastric distressesses, but that was back in the day when a long wait in a hellacious line wasn’t required in order to get one. I have not been in the several years since people have been queueing up like the place is closing down.

  2. I still have no idea why Pink’s is so popular. I even saw a photo recently of a bunch of famous chefs, including Michael Cimarusti of Providence and David Kinch of Manresa (up in Los Gatos) standing in front of Pink’s. I hope to god they were just posing there and not actually eating. I’d probably even go to Oki-Dog before I go to Pink’s.

    Anyway, I voted against Pink’s ten times. I don’t want to go to Skooby’s one day and get served blue hot dogs. Oh, and losing lucindamichele would kinda suck too.

  3. I voted against, though there are a lot of things better than the weather that keep me here. They just weren’t an option.

    At least our 64 worst were entertaining and thought provoking.

  4. “It’s almost as misguided and asinine as metblogs worst thing about la…. almost.”
    Considering we ripped off LA Magazine’s idea for the Worst of, thats understandable.

  5. I stood in line and had Pink’s just the other night and no gastric distress occurred. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten sick from eating there. While I definitely would not call it the BEST thing about L.A., I enjoy it from time to time.

  6. Hey all,

    Speaking of hot dog stands that put Pink’s to shame, there is a new spot in the Valley (I know, the Valley) where The Dip used to be on Ventura Blvd. at Beverly Glen called The Infield. True to the name, they have a whole baseball motif going on, with authentic bleachers for seating and Dodgers tickets for sale to boot. There must be 20 varieties of hot dog, from the authentic (The New Yorker, The Chicagoan, Chili Cheese) to the outlandish (The S’more Dog, The Nacho-Frito Dog, The Mediterranean Dog, The New Zealand Wagyu Dog(!) ). I tried it today, and it was pretty damn good. Maybe not Skooby’s or Carney’s status, but they nevertheless will receive my patronage again in the future. Oh, and the best part? Open ’till 3AM on Fridays and Saturdays–pretty much unheard of in the Valley.

  7. Are you kidding ME? Disney Hall is a blank-walled titanium-crusted herpes simplex sore on the lips of my beloved city. I’ll take a Pink’s hot dog over that thing any day, and I’m a vegetarian.

  8. nothing at pink’s can top a garment district bacon-wrapped dog with the works (including grilled jalapeño) and even that pales in comparison to the gastric wonders that await at your local taco truck (county board of supervisors be damned). i love amoeba, but considering it is a bay area transplant, i am loathe to call it the “best of l.a.” the capitol records building is doomed to be the creche-hive for only the well-heeled ricos (not that anything there has changed much). and the weather – good gracious, are we in some kind of booster time warp here? but i agree, most evil of all here is pink’s. despite the lines of palate-deprived knuckleheads who line up 50 deep for what is certainly *not* the best dog in town, that place is hardly the “best thing” we in l.a. have going for us.

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