Jesus Comes to the Getty: Free Screenings

getty.jpgIn a delicious blending of high and low culture, the Getty is screening Monty Python’s Life of Brian at 7:30 tomorrow night as part of a three-film “Imagining Christ” series this weekend. The two films bookending LoB are Buñuel’s Simon of the Desert at 4pm and a Canadian film, Jesus of Montreal, on Sunday at 4pm. You can make reservations for any of the three (or all) at the Getty’s site. Personally, I think Life of Brian is one of the funniest films ever made. And if the Getty crowd can rouse themselves to whistle along with the ending I’ll consider it a peak cinematic experience.

(tomsaint11‘s Getty shot used via a Creative Commons license.)

3 thoughts on “Jesus Comes to the Getty: Free Screenings”

  1. Life of Brian is the best thing the Python crew ever did. If you haven’t seen it on the big screen, hop to it before it’s too late. I can already hear the whistling in my head.

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