The Mayor is Leaving Los Angeles. Again.

israel.jpgIn case you missed it, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is traveling to Israel in June with a delegation of city leaders for a week-long discussion of security and green technology. Israel. To talk about air and airports.

The sound you just heard was the local media choking on its own snore.

Weren’t we just all over Antonio about road tripping with Hillary? Is this just another PR trip to bolster his image in the eyes of California voters? Not even 2 weeks ago, The San Francisco Chronicle noted SF Mayor Gavin Newsom’s rise in statue after the state’s same-sex marriage ruling. Coincidentally, Newsom himself just came back from Israel, with the Jewish Community Federation picking up the tab. Villaraigosa’s trip? Paid in part by… Los Angeles World Airports.

While I can understand an American ally like Israel has a great deal to offer on the topic of airports, isn’t this a subject that is more appropriately addressed through the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security? Why does the Mayor of L.A. need to go?

Shouldn’t we be more than a little irritated that elected officials are galavanting all over the globe instead of getting the job done here at home? IN LOS ANGELES? For starters, MetroriderLA just linked to a story in the USA Today about at least a dozen U.S. airports fast-tracking rail projects to alleviate congestion. Maybe the Mayor should stay in town for a while and find a way to get the Green Line to LAX. Yes, we have a Green Line. It almost goes to LAX. Maybe LAWA should pay for that.

Villaraigosa was the guy that promised us things like a Subway to the Sea. Instead, we’re stuck with “Out of the Office” replies from City Hall and a new drinking game:

Where in the world is Antonio?

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