Swervedriver Tix from bLA!

swervedriver.jpgSo English grunge rock heroes Swervedriver are back after a long hiatus (since 1999) and are set to play the Fonda on Saturday the 31st along with awesome locals Film School and Xu Xu Fang. It’s going to be an amaaaaaaayzing show, and we wanna give you tickets. So to win, just enter a comment with your real email addy (so I can contact you if you win) telling me what 90s band you’d love to see return to the stage, and why. We’ll pick a few winners & send you to the show!

4 thoughts on “Swervedriver Tix from bLA!”

  1. Soundgarden.

    Those guys rocked and Chris Cornell’s others (Audioslave, and solo) were good too but the original rocks hard. Seeing ‘Spoonman’ or ‘Burden in My Hand’ live and lesser knowns like ‘Mind Riot’ would be awesome! I think it’s unrealistic for a reunion, seems Chris can’t stay in a band, he must be a creative hard-ass.

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  2. I first heard Swervedriver on a mixtape that a friend made for me (she titled the comp “What do we know about ‘rock’? It’s loud!” based on a smart ass comment I made during a lecture on epistemology). “Kill the Superheroes” may still be my favorite song by the band. The 90s band I’d love to see re-form and tour is Huggy Bear, mostly because I never saw them tour and their e.p. “Taking the Rough With the Smooch” is still my (not-so-secretly) favorite record from that decade. The fact that nearly nobody knows about that gem makes it all the more precious to me.

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  3. I’d like to see Ride get back together myself. As one of the best shoegaze bands around I think they could really show these new psychedelic bands how its done. Plus I never go to see them back in the day so (just as I will be doing with MBV in October) I’ll take what I can get.

  4. I was gonna say Soundgarden (because Matt Cameron deserves better than Pearl Jam), but instead, I’ll say Curve. Even though they did get back together for awhile earlier this decade, IMHO their early stuff was the best. Comparisons to Garbage and My Bloody Valentine aside, I thought they were one of the more unique 90s bands, as well as one of the best. I had one chance to see them back in late ’93, about five months before they broke up, and I didn’t go. Plus, I was stupid and didn’t try to score points with a really hot Curve fan who knocked on my door when she heard me blasting Cuckoo on my stereo, two weeks before it was released. Maybe something else good will happen to me, and I can redeem myself.

    Or maybe the Sugarcubes should reunite. Because I’m too stupid to appreciate much of Bjork’s solo work.

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    BTW, lucindamichele, I think you should temporarily change your photo so we can all get a glimpse of the blue hair – assuming you didn’t change your mind about it, that is.

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