Roosters Rule in South LA

rooster.jpgSo you think you got it bad with noisy neighbors? In South LA, the roosters, goats, chickens and pigs are taking over. According to this article in the LA Times, barnyard animals are becoming the norm south of the 10 Freeway.

While it’s not entirely legal… well, it’s not legal at all, this neighborhood, which used to be predominately African American, has now transformed into a rich composite of immigrant Latin American people, many from Mexico, where having roosters, geese and the occasional goat in the backyard is the norm. Animal Control officials say they don’t have the manpower to stop it, and don’t investigate, unless there’s a complaint. Hmm….. recession…. people gotta eat…. chicken in every pot… makes sense.

11 thoughts on “Roosters Rule in South LA”

  1. Oh yes, welcome as well fecal matter increasing in our run off, typhus, e.coli and who knows what else in the toxic ooze running off those lots.

    There are reasons behind zoning laws and the amount and kinds of animals kept within city limits. Sanitation is a biggy behind it.

    Just saying. Of course my community does have some zoning that permits a couple of chickens if you really, REALLY want fresh eggs. No special permit needed but there are requirements so you don’t have odor problems or worse. A person just needs to check with their local code enforcement for the details.

  2. When I lived south of the 10fwy around Adams and Hoover, there was a rooster that lived across the street and woke us up every morning. I have to say, I don’t miss it one bit.

  3. Why have some ugly defecating dog that you must pick up after (yuck!) as a pet when you can have a beautiful bird that can fertilize your garden AND supply you with breakfast? A rooster will mark time and protect your yard from intruders, at no added cost. Chickens and Roosters rule the roost!

  4. White People + Chickens = Rednecks

    Latin People + Chickens = Culture

  5. The Ugly American you made me laugh. You have to remember I had chickens for my kids as pets until coyotes got them. I was promptly reminded by my friends in “the valley” that chickens are “the ultimate white trash accessory”.

  6. nice to see someone else note the hypocritical non differences between culture and white trash. Mexico is a great place to visit, dont get me wrong.And if i wanted to move there and live within the culture of goats tied to the mailbox…I would move there. No offense to anyone but the laws are here for a reason, not to mention just plain respect for your surrounding neighbors. Thats the part that kills me, where is the respect for those around you? Plus, dont eat the goats, rent them out to people in the foothills to eat their mandatory fire clearance shrubs away…easy money.

  7. Roosters are kind of like pit bulls. 90% are just regular pets, but the remainder have nuisance personalities. Unlike pit bulls, you can always throw a naughty rooster in the pot and get a new one, though.

    I’ve lived next to fowl keeping folks who were quiet as a mouse, and I once lived near the loudest rooster that ever lived.

  8. Chickens are legal in Los Angeles. You can have as many as you want. They just have to be housed at least 20 feet from the owner’s residence, and at least 35 feet from any other dwelling.

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