To Bee Or Not

I had no choice. For the first L.A. workday since Daylight Savings Time kicked in at the beginning of March, I did not bike to work. It hurt for the streak to end, but as I needed to get from Westchester at 5:15 p.m. to Granada Hills High School by 6:30 p.m. for my daughter’s senior class awards ceremony, I had to accept reality and just step away from the two-wheeler this morning and into my trusty four-wheeler to prowl surface streets in to work and then crawl the northbound 405 away from it yesterday afternoon. Bonus pain for having to fill the tank on the way in for like the first time in six weeks — otherwise known as the good old days back when gas was $3.70 a gallon. ‘Member then? Sigh.


And by crawl I mean ccccrrrraa*&#[email protected]%!aawwwwllll. It took 30 minutes to move the 4.4 miles from Howard Hughes Center to the 10 Freeway. But at least I had company in the form of this fastidious freewayin’ honeybee above (click to triplify) who used my windshield to clean up and hang out and laugh at me for about five minutes (or the distance equivalent of about 400 feet traveled — gah!). After it took off it would be another 30 minutes getting to the 118.

Tomorrow I’m taking off work for a loooooong ride to some places I remember. Just me and the bike. In penance. And celebration.

3 thoughts on “To Bee Or Not”

  1. So that explains it. I usually see you going west around 4th/Western in the mornings as I’m heading the other way on my bike.

    I notice that bicycle activity has really picked up on 4th over the last few weeks. Must be gas prices, or maybe just summer?

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