Mid-Week Round-Up: It’s a Gas

Americans are driving less than we did last year. I don’t have stats for Los Angeles specifically, but anecdotally I’d say we’re no exception.

Laurie at Crazy Aunt Purl, who already commutes to work on the bus, has stopped buying stuff. She says it’s because it doesn’t fit in her house or make her happy, but really, I think it’s because gas costs well over $4 for regular, and over $5 for diesel.

Chez Shoes is trying out a car-free commute, and if it works she’ll be giving it up for good. She’s off to a rocky start, with the bus leaving early without her–anyone have tips on commuting?

Sean Bonner has a near-death experience that reminds him why he bikes everywhere. Jesus, we’re all glad you guys are OK. This is the second wrong-way-in-the-fast-lane story in as many weeks. WTF.

Photo by JozJozJoz…in 2004.

4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Round-Up: It’s a Gas”

  1. After commuting to work on public transportation for almost a work, I can testify that the margin of error for bus arrival time can be quite frustrating. Unfortunately that only way to get around it is to get there five minutes or so before the scheduled time.

  2. Shhh…I found one place in Pomona for 3.91 and 3 big chains at 3.99 there. I was in heaven. Still haven’t lost my $4 Cherry for gas. Close but not quite, I’ll take the tenth of a cent.

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