Dharma issue food night

Hello friends! Tomorrow night is the season finale for the fourth season of the mind-f***ingly awesome show, LOST!

We love the show so much, that all of our friends get together and watch it every Thursday. Those that can’t make it to the gathering often wind up participating in the discussion via text message or Skype. Yes, we are all just that nerdy.

This season, we’ve been getting together for LOST night at Mark’s place and he has been supplying Dharma issue foodstuffs whenever he had some extra time or we heard beforehand that it would be a special episode. We know for sure that we’re not the only people doing this, so here’s our entry into the community of LOST-themed fun times!

The cupcakes were the first and simplest to make LOST appropriate. We simply picked up some cupcakes at Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills, grabbed some logos from Lostpedia, fired up Photoshop and followed one of the Dharma food labels as best we could. We printed it up on some label stock and stuck it on the box, easy and delish!

We got a bit more ambitious with the Dharma issue Frozen Juices. We ripped apart a Popsicle box, laid it flat and luckily, it turned out to be about 11×17. Tracing the outline of the box onto a sheet of bristol board, we were able to make our own, plain white Popsicle box to which we affixed some appropriate Dharma labels using a modified version of the cupcake template and the same label paper.

Armed with too much time on our hands and an odd compulsion to top what we did before, we decided it was time for some Dharma issue Cheesed Hamburgers! We went to the In-N-Out Burger on Sunset in Hollywood, bought a buncha burgers and fries and like the Popsicles, tore up the packaging and used it as a template to generate our own. Bristol paper was used for the fry holders as it’s sturdy and will absorb the grease. The old reliable label stock was used to go over the regular In-N-Out burger wrap.

Metblogs own David Markland, regular LOST night attendee came up with the idea to bring over some of Hurley’s favorite fried chicken, Mr Clucks. He covered some chicken buckets with yellow paper, printed out some labels and stuck them on. The chicken came from Rock ‘n’ Roll Ralph’s on Sunset and it was surprisingly delicious!

We already have some ideas for what to do for tomorrow night’s sure-to-be frustratingly amazing season finale! Time permitting, they will be great and we’ll post some follow up pics in the comments.

Anyone else planning something special for LOST?

8 thoughts on “Dharma issue food night”

  1. Holy shit, that’s hilarious. Now, I’m all sad because I’m not invited to taste the DI and Mr. Cluck’s stuff. This is devastatingly brilliant. Thursday night will not get here fast enough. GRRRRR

  2. Cheesed Hamburgers sound wonderful, but I imagine that Dual-Pattied Cheesed Hamburgers would be much better.

  3. Thanks guys… we wound up kinda flaking on tonights Dharma food product as we got kinda busy.

    Sigh, 6 months, LAME.

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