Graffidiot busted – slow news day?

You know the tagger Buket who posted this video on YouTube showing him tagging a Hollywood overpass in broad daylight?


Busted, says the Times.

Say what you want about the artistic merits of urban blight, but I imagine Charles Darwin is looking down right now and snickering.

9 thoughts on “Graffidiot busted – slow news day?”

  1. Proves up my theory “don’t ever put anything up on the net you wouldn’t want to testify to”.

    Urban Art and Grafitti are two different things. One has the blessings of a property owner, the other doesn’t and is a crime.

  2. What a loser. Glad he got caught.

    So – did the police contact YouTube or something? I’m just curious.

    And if so – does that mean, say, a video of me yelling “South Pasadena Sucks” out of my car window in South Pas could get me in trouble for disturbing the peace?

    Either way, I know a good epithet that rhymes with “tag” for this graffidiot.

    – AP

  3. This is just tagging, and any “art” exists only as a daredevil stunt. And even that is hardly new. So if it’s art, it’s very last millennium. He endangered innocent people to prove he’s brave, and there are many less stupid ways to do that.

  4. He would have gotten away with it if not for those meddling kids.


  5. That’s actually the Western Ave. overpass over the 101, between Santa Monica and Fountain, which is 3/4 mile before the Melrose/Normandie exit shown on the sign. The camera was most likely on the Fountain Ave. overpass.

  6. I would be into it if he was actually writing/drawing something interesting. But his name? Lame.

  7. hindinwood: That’s what taggers do. It’s a name game and a numbers game; they get street cred by the number of times they plaster their name all over town, or even across the country.

    Also the main difference between taggers and actual artists is that taggers’ marks are monochromatic whereas graffiti artists use combinations of colors.

    Think about it, If only taggers had the education, they would be KILLER advertising executives.

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