Chunknugget’s Adventure with El-P & Busdriver

img_0301.JPGThe fabulous Ms. Chunknugget (not her real name–hard to believe, I know) won tickets last week to see El-P & Busdriver at the El Rey. This is her story. These are her pictures. img_0303.JPG

I considered buying tickets for this show, because I’ve never missed El-P when he comes through LA, but seeing as the El Rey is all ages and I’m old, I figured I’d skip it. I learned the hard way that I was getting too old for hip-hop shows after I got pushed into a pit at an Atmosphere show a couple years ago.

So I won the tickets after a “what the hell” moment (thanks Metblogs), and braved it, and I’m so glad I did. Busdriver came on first. He’s local, and a true veteran of West Coast underground. He’s a progressive musician who happens to work in hip-hop, super talented and, as we used to say, on some next level shit. Go see him! Just stay a few rows back if you don’t want his sweat beads in your eye.

El came on with The Mighty Quinn backing him and Mr. Dibbs DJing. He tore it up and looked like he was having fun. Most of the songs were off the new album, with a couple off of Fantastic Damage, and one Company Flow song. There was the obligatory call-and-response stuff, boring to me, but the kids were loving it! The energy was high, the hype man was on-time, and Dibbs had a theremin made out of a doll-head(!). I left before Dizzee came on cuz it was past my bed-time, as I am old.

I expected to be miffed and annoyed at the youngsters, but instead I felt kinda proud of them for seeking out the good stuff in a scene flooded with ridiculous, ugly radio crap. I only caught myself smirking at the little girls in miniskirts and heels, although ten pounds and almost as many years ago, that would have been me. Looking at them hobbling around made me thank my lucky All-Stars that I’m grown enough to wear sensible shoes.

Thanks again for the tickets, I never would have gone if it wasn’t for you, and I would have missed two of the best at the top of their game!