Sign of Confusion

I don’t know where you stand on the issue of gay marriage but I’m all for it. I believe that people enjoying equal rights is a good thing.

I recently spotted a sign that shares my beliefs, but also leaves me confused. Take a look for yourself:

Gay Nuptial

This sign brings up some questions that I can’t answer:

  1. Is “congratulations” the right word to use in this case? Have you ever told someone; “Congratulations on no longer being discriminated against”? I rarely ever say that.
  2. It says “Gay Nuptial” as in one marriage. Are the people who own this florist only happy for one gay couple? Or do they know a woman named Gay Nuptial who is getting married soon?
  3. Isn’t it just a wee bit crass to take a landmark court decision that grants citizens basic human rights and use it as a marketing initiative?

10 thoughts on “Sign of Confusion”

  1. It may be crass, but when they start the marketing, you know it is one more step towards gay marriage being accepted by society. After all, what is a wedding nowadays but an overpriced party where the couple gets overcharged for everything. It’s a good time to be a wedding planner in LA.

  2. 1. When someone is found “not guilty,” they’re often told congratulations… even when they’re actually innocent. Congratulations, justice finally won out. Nothing wrong with that.
    2. Valid point on bad grammar. Maybe they ran out of Ss.
    3. Not crass at all. This is a flower shop. The floral industry has been one of the most gay friendly industries around. Heck, many wedding planners are gay. Ironic, huh?

  3. This is too funny…I snapped the same photo a few days ago and the post slated to run on my blog in 3 hours. Says exactly the same thing yours does.

  4. I believe the shop owners are sincere and happy gays will be able to wed (at least for now, lets see if the anti marriage prop is on the November ballot). And the grammar part: this is LA and may shops are owned by immigrants with limited English; it may just be a translating issue.

  5. I say HOORAY! Poor grammar aside, it’s a good day all around and should be celebrated. Gays getting married will only help boost the economy. Let Rita Flora capitalize on that a bit…with gas prices the way they are, people are probably not sending flowers the way they used to.

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