Mates of State Tickets! Here! Now! Yes!

mates.jpgEveryone’s favorite married couple indie band*, Mates of State, hit the Fonda on the 28th for a show celebrating the joys of wedlock. Ok, well, not really, but they do make good music together. Har har har. Wanna win some Goldenvoice tickets? Add a comment with your REAL EMAIL SMART GUY**, telling me what nauseatingly cute creative endeavor (safe for work, thanks again) you’d embark upon with your (real or hypothetical) spouse, and we’ll pick some winners to get a pair of free tickets. Knitting mittens for kittens together? Build your own home out of shipping containers together? Start your own catering business together? Wear matching handmade sweaters from your mom together? You name it, we’ll enter you to win.

*I actually prefer Low, but I think Mates of State def win the “aw, aren’t they cute” title.

*no real email = I can’t actually contact you if you win.

3 thoughts on “Mates of State Tickets! Here! Now! Yes!”

  1. My lady and I would start a rescue for bulldog and beagle puppies, all the while solving mysteries in our biofuel powered car and playing in an indie rock band with our best bulldog puppy on vocals.

    Here’s my email [email protected]

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