What’s wrong with this picture?

Can you spot what’s missing here?


Hint: mere minutes before I snapped this shot, a neighbor’s dog pooped here.

Yup. SHE PICKED IT UP AND THREW IT AWAY. Can you believe it?!

8 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?”

  1. Maybe she can come over and teach my skinny-jeans-wearing, toy-dog-owning neighbors that trick. My block is full of dog owners that seem to think their canines require no more responsibility than, say, their other fashion accessories.

  2. You should see the area around Cherokee, June Street, Lexington.
    90% of my neighbors just stand there with a smug face while their large dogs crap all over the place. I’m thinking of starting a website and posting their pictures at the end of every week. It would be very easy to take a few discreet shots of the offenders and post them online in a “name and shame” type thing.

  3. It would be very easy to take a few discreet shots of the offenders and post them online in a “name and shame” type thing


    A concept that makes the whole Parking Tard conceit sound downright highbrow.

  4. Dog crap is a big problem at my moms’ apartment building in Santa Monica. Luckily we were able to find the offender: an elderly Asian lady who brings her elderly small dog 3 blocks, because as she tells us “this is the only lawn with out a wall around it” so it can crap on my moms’ lawn. And she does not clean it up!! “I am too old to bind down!” she told me.
    The first time we spotted her, my husband a tall Mexican fellow, asked her, very nicely, to please remove her dog and the dog crap. The old lady stated he was scaring her and her dog!! And she did not pick up the crap!!
    the second time we spotted her, I (a middle age white lady) went up to her, very close, and told her “Don’t let your dog crap on our lawn” I kept repeating this, not letting her say anything, until she and the little dog left. According to my mom and the other residents of the building, the lady and her dog have not returned.

  5. Dorit – good for you!
    Some people dismiss the dog crap issues as trivial. However, it spreads a lot of disease and also stinks to high heaven when the weather warms up (which is most of the year).

    In our neighborhood the worst offenders are the ones who take their dogs out off leash and walk ahead of the dog while it puts out a mountain of stinky crap.

    I recently took a picture of a girl outside our building who was letting both her dogs crap all over the place and she got all upset saying I was violating her privacy and what was I going to do with the pictures. I asked her why she was leaving two large piles of dog crap at the bottom of the steps that lead into our building and her response was “its just dog sh1t – it will melt away in time” – LOL – it would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

    The poo web gallery of shame would be fun if nothing else :-)

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