L.A. Times unveils database of California’s war deaths

flagdocbrown.jpgFrazier Park’s Brian Cody Prosser, an Army Staff Sargeant, became the first US soldier from California to be killed in Afghanistan after a U.S. bomb missed its target on December 5, 2001.

20 year old Army Specialist Mary J. Jaenichen, from Temecula, is California’s most recent casualty from the war in Iraq after being killed May 9th.

As of last Wednesday, of the United States’ 4563 casulaties between the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 492 were from California. The Los Angeles Times has just unveiled a database of these soldiers, providing photos and memories along with the raw data of dates of death, hometowns, and where their remains are buried. If you knew any of these military men or women, the Times allows you to leave your own thoughts.

Nearly 500 Californians have lost their lives while in service to their country in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. At least 58 were immigrants; more than 160 were parents, who left behind more than 300 children. One descended from two presidents; another was a Guatemalan street orphan taken in by an American family as a teenager. One high school lost six of its graduates.

More on the project at the L.A. Times. 

…photo by Doc Brown/Matthew K., used under Creative Commons…

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  1. That is an amazing database. This is the type of stuff newspapers should be doing! I’m suppose I’m surprised they didn’t do it sooner, but you know what? I’m just glad they did it all.

  2. Hey. My name is Ben. I worked on developing the site for the LAT. It’s really nice to read such encouraging comments. Thanks a lot for checking out our site.

    We plan on keeping it updated as long as war casualties continue, so if you’ve got any ideas on how it could be improved just give us a shout.

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