Spotted in the Wild: The Madness of King George

Spotted this sign on a street light on Alvarado south of Beverly. I love homemade crazyperson signs (a la “Jesus is coming to Echo Park previously mentioned here, here and here), but this one reeks of bad viral marketing.

3 thoughts on “Spotted in the Wild: The Madness of King George”

  1. These seem to be genuine crazyperson signs, a crazyperson who claims that he’s the Real King George and father of Corey Feldman, Christina Aguilera, and a lot of other celebrities. There’s another one here.

    Someone in the comments for that photo seems to have located record of a related court case.

    Here’s something else that’s fun. A google search for “cia king george aguilera” turns up a bunch of stuff that seems to have been written by him. Including an ehow titled “How to Spend Money“. The “Things You’ll Need”, and “Tips and Warnings” section are pretty good.

    By posting this at 1:30 in the morning, am I a genuine crazypeson?

  2. There are a bunch of different variations of this posted near the 101 on highland and off franklin.

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