Pickle surprise!

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Ok so, looks like we ended up eating our words. And the pickles! HA! Right? Get it? Ahem. But that wasn’t the end of our slightly entertaining dinner. Oh no friends, it just so happened that our seemingly uninteresting waiter, after delivering our precious pickles, had been holding back a flood of one hundred percent pure vocal gold!

What you can’t tell from the video, is that buddy Will had joined us for last nights’ festivities, and had adorned his Indy IV crew cap for the occasion. Our waitist, sneakily slipping in the bill, couldn’t help but set his sunken eyes on Will’s headpiece.

“So, uh… You worked on the movie?” He scratched.

We all looked up from our conversation. Will chortled, “Oh… Yeah.”

Our wait-artist continued, “Yeah? Did you ever get to hang out with Spielberg?”

“Sure. I was a Production Assistant for four months on first unit.”

Clearly his entire evening, waiting tables, shuffling large trays of hot deli meats, was building to this very moment.

“Oh, well, that’s cool. I worked with Spielberg on Hook. I was Robin Williams’ stand in!”

Turns out our pickle-ready, food-consultant was none other than the Scott Brody, stand-in, actor, camp counselor, and hand double. He definitely was not shy about recalling his past adventures in movie land with us, telling tales of the real Robin Williams, lake swimming with Dustin Hoffman’s kids and his contribution to a scene change involving a “which ear is the gay ear” debate, for Jack’s ear piercing scene.

What started out as an interesting recollection of on-set anecdotes, turned into a lengthy, semi-awkward glance-fest. Admittedly, his stories were interesting, and we easily could have enjoyed another 20 minutes out of him, but truth be told we had a movie to get to. We politely feigned disinterest, he soon bid us farewell, and we were off to the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

We’ll definitely be dining at Canters again soon, that’s for sure! As long as the pickles remain readily available, and the staff continue to warm hearts!

That’s our latest wacky waiter story… What’s yours?