The Other Movie House On Beverly Blvd

With the Pacific Theaters at the Grove showing blockbusters and The New Beverly Theater doing their usual outstanding job with revival double features, the movie theater at Fairfax and Beverly is sort of the forgotten movie house in my neighborhood. This probably has something to do with it’s identify crisis. When I first moved into the neighborhood it was the place where you could see recent hits on the big screen for next to no bucks; this was awesome while I was unemployed, depressed or both. A few years later the theater had a new owner and switched to art house fare; this was great for my brain but not my wallet. Not too long ago the space taken over by Regency Theaters who have brought some life back to the place by combining the best elements of the previous two owners. The Regency has been showing independent and art house films for prices so low you’ll think it’s 1988.

Just look at these prices: $3.50 for all showings before 6PM! Only $6.00 after 6PM! Now you don’t have to choose between seeing a movie and putting gas in your car.Dr. Strangelove

Plus, as LA Metblogs own Julia Frey pointed out here last summer, they are running Insomniac Cinema on Fridays at midnight and you don’t even have to get high to enjoy them (although you can if that’s your thing). Tonight’s midnight selection is Enter the Dragon and next week they are showing Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, Dr. Strangelove. The midnight shows will cost you $8.00 but you’ll still have enough money left over to walk down to Canters for a 2 am snack.