Save the Date: Swear-A-Long Scarface!

scarface.jpgSay hello to my new little friend: The Los Angeles Film Festival. From June 19-29, the audience is king in Westwood, with Hellboy, hipsters, and hotties by the pool. The hottest ticket for me, is the night of Swear-A-Long Scarface at the Ford Ampitheatre – June 20, 8:30PM.

Two-hundred-and-twenty-six. That’s how many times Al Pacino, in his iconic role as Miami gangster Tony Montana, and his fellow cast members say — ahem — well, drop the F-bomb. Two-hundred-and-twenty-six times. And that’s just one word. There’s plenty of other creative cursing in Scarface, Brian De Palma’s coked-out opera of raw emotions and foul language, as well as some of the most quotable lines of the ’80s. So if you’ve got this movie memorized, don’t miss this opportunity to curse under the stars alongside fellow fans and their “little friends.”

How awesome is this? Seriously. With stuff like this going on, how can anyone not love this town?

“All I Have in This World Is My Balls and My Word, and I Don’t Break Them for No One.”

Photo from the Los Angeles Film Festival

2 thoughts on “Save the Date: Swear-A-Long Scarface!”

  1. The funniest thing about this to me was the trio of Bush FCC decisions kowtowing to the religious right by changing prior policy and ruling that ANY fleeting utterance of ANY expletive on broadcast tv (like Bono’s awards show “This is [email protected]#ing brilliant!”) was automatically considered sexual and would thus subject the broadcaster to fines and other penalties. The FCC was tossed out of federal court for that one. I immediately thought of “Scarface.” Oh, what a sexual movie. It just reeks of sex. “[email protected]#ing cock-a-roach.” So sexy.

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