It Caught My Eye: Mystery Marker


I didn’t discover this hunk of rock enigmatically engraved with the half-buried letters “US” and embedded in the parkway grass about a foot from the curb along Hughes Avenue in Culver City between Venice and Washington Boulevards (map) this morning. I’ve biked by it scores of times.

But it was today that I finally got around to stopping and snapping it on my way in to work in the hope that someone might have a better guess than mine as to what its purpose and or significance might be? Can I haz historical context?

2 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Mystery Marker”

  1. In all likelihood, it’s a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stone; they built a number of overpasses in L.A., particularly short pedestrian and vehicle bridges over sections of the L.A. River.

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