How About Some Credit for Your Style?

Last month, Helen Jupiter shared a photo of the Fashion Bank in West Hollywood. In Koreatown (7th and Vermont, I’m guessing from the plaza’s name), I found a place where you can get Beauty Credit. I guess this is where the hot ones can take it to the bank and save it for later.

Now, I only have a photo of the sign, so I’m extra curious to know if this is actually a store that sells clothes or if is a credit union with an interesting name. Actually, all the business name are, uh… interesting. See, I wonder if Baristar is a coffee shop or attorney (Hey, there’s a place on 6th St. called Madmoaselle something, so anything’s possible). Texis is an interesting spelling and since it’s not a Spanish word, I’m going to guess it’s a last name. Finally, there’s the bossy business of CHANGE Hair. Hmmm, maybe you have to get some Beauty Credit to CHANGE Hair.

One thought on “How About Some Credit for Your Style?”

  1. Texis is a restaurant, Salvadoran I think. Haven’t been in yet but there seem to be two or three in the area. This is about two blocks from the apt. and I’d never noticed the beauty credit sign.

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