Friday Bullets: Solve Rudy’s Mystery

crypticcard.jpgScott J. Lowe found these urban hieroglyphics on the back of a business card for his barbershop, Rudy’s of Glendale. Any guesses for what it means? Click here for a larger image, or here for the solution on Scott’s blog, Tropico Station. (I never would have guessed it)

Don Garza was grabbing a taco downtown when he overheard someone saying “how the tornadoes in Riverside and the hail in Baldwin Park was God’s wrath brought forth for allowing same sex marriage.”

The Militant Angeleno debunks L.A. cliches, including that L.A. is sooo spread out, our food sucks, the city is mostly superficial people, everyone in L.A. is from somewhere else, and more.

LAist’s Cody Fogh may have discovered the greatest BBQ joint around LA: Pasadena’s Barn Burner.  Peanuts on the floor. Drinks served in jars. And its in a barn. I think they even let you ride a mule to the salad bar.

Did you know you could rent an observatory a Mt. Wilson for private parties (or a really unique place to propose)? Physicist/blogger Clifford Johnson at Asymptotia was invited up for shindig there along with 24 other “poets, screenwriters, novellists, experts in poetry and literature and language.”

4 thoughts on “Friday Bullets: Solve Rudy’s Mystery”

  1. Fogh proves that people in LA know jackshit about BBQ. I’ve eaten at the Barn Burner several times and it’s nothing to write home about. It’s okay if you’re in the mood for BBQ and not picky about it being good, but otherwise it’s really embarrassingly bad for Pasadena. The kitsch value of of the place detracts from the overall badness and ineptitude there. Add in the horrendous service and the Trader Joe’s-esque parking lot in miniature and you’d be wishing you’d eaten at Wood Ranch instead.

    Strange story: The first time we went, it was me, two other black women and my husband (white guy) and one of my kids. The place was packed with people who looked like they had trekked in from the Delta. We walked in and the place fell dead silent. We sat next to a table that had four 300+ lb. men sharing about 13 teeth among them and they just stared. And stared. In fact, everyone was staring. We found out later, they were trying to figure out who the kid belonged to (my kids look like my friend) and how the white guy figured into the equation. (And yes, we got our drinks fast, but it took 30 min. to get our food and we had to actually move toward the door to get the check.)

  2. Faboo I had a similar bad experience at Barn Burner.

    If you have to do ‘Q in Pasadena venture north to Robins in the Lower Hastings Ranch Area at 395 N Rosemead Ave (About 3 blocks north of Foothill). Similar kitchy atmosphere, shells on the floor and better service. Much better sauce. Hell they even named a sandwich after blogger and former mayoral candidate Aaron Proctor.

    BUT hands down, kick everyone else in the dirt better is Jakes Road House in Old Town Monrovia, smallish, nice side walk and even better back patio dining with the best ‘Q in the SGV. Really. Never had a bad meal since the day it opened.

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