Biking To Dodger Stadium (Updated)

So last year my wife Susan and I opted to pedestrianate to and from Dodger Stadium for the July 4 game and fireworks extravaganzo, choosing to invest the $15 parking fee we saved on buck-fiddy gameday-special Pabstesses at the Gold Room and Shortstop bars we patronized on our way there.

This season, following in the hallowed and historic bike treads of Militant Angeleno, my friend Michael and I will be kicking off the Memorial Day weekend by daring to bike up from the Arts District for tonight’s game against the St. Lous Cards — weirdass weather or not. We’re hoping the only thunder heard over Chavez Ravine this evening will be that generated by the bats of my beloved boys of summer, and we’re also banking that the notoriously weak bicycle parking situation there will be at least the same as the Militant found it at the top of the park when he went up there at the end of March — or at least no worse.

Let’s go Dodgers!

rack.jpgUPDATE (11:22 p.m.): I’m happy to report the rack (clickably pictured at right) was stilll in the same place the Militant had found it to the left of the gates at the Top Deck entrance. Even better it was augmented with its its own barriers (not pictured) for that extra air of security. In addition, the barriers funneled us to our very own Cyclists Entry Gate where we were not only able to avoid mixing and millling with all the motorati, but our tickets were scanned and we were allowed to enter without our packs being searched for any contraband items such as beach balls or weapons, FTW!

The fun part was then working our way down to our Field Level seats (and then all the way back up after the game was halted due to rain in the bottom of the ninth inning with the score 2-1 in favor of the Cards and one out and a 3-2 count to Matt Kemp, dammit). It would have been nice if there’d been field level bike parking, but I’m pretty sure the Dodgers front office is like “Who the hell with field level seats and a right mind would ride there fucking bike up here except some idiot with a suspended license or a day laborer or something — and they belong in the Top Deck anyway, gah!!”

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  1. Actually the rack was moved since the Militant made the pioneering pre-season lockup in March. He found the rack to be right in the middle of the little nook there, where you (as well as a recent Streetsblog article) encountered the rack to be against the wall — which effectively reduces the rack’s capacity by half. Dunno who made the decision to do that.

    But a Cyclists Entry Gate where no one gets searched? Hmmm, interesting. Wonder how stadium security would take to a bunch of armed librarians…

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