Two Hippie Lovefests This Weekend

living sistersOk, kidding, kidding. But Topanga Days and the Shambhala Arts Festival are both kinda warm’n’fuzzly, right? I ain’t judgin’: I want to go to both. So get up at the cruelest crack of dawn (isn’t that what all those yoga-doin’, granola-crunchin’ folks do?), shambalaarts1.jpgdo your sun salutations, and haul yourself to these two celebrations. Parking for both will be crappy, especially in Topanga (even tho they’ve got a shuttle), so like I said, get your spiritually fine ass there early.

Highlights (IMO) for Topanga Days are performances by The Living Sisters, Spindrift, Johnathan Rice, & Chevy Metal (dude from Foo Fighters), daily bellydancing performances and Merle Jagger; reflexology (gaaaaaahhhh) and face painting! Whee! Plus lots of healthy tasty food (think organic sugar & lots of vegetable-based fats, mmmmm). Over in Eagle Rock at the Shambhala Meditation Center, I’ll be heading for the poetry performances, free meditation exercises, Keren Taylor’s art (you know, from Write Girl), art quilting (I’m a nerd, sue me) and kado-ikebana (flower arranging).

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