LA, A Love Song

Jason found this gem outside of his house:


I’ve done my best to convert that to legible text (which is after the jump) and I’ll pay any band that writes a song with it $5 and post their stuff here on the site for anyone and everyone. Come on people, let’s see what you got!

Just a reminder, we have video comments…

LA, we got angels in the city
short skirts, high heels, blonde hair and fake titties
cruising down the street squinting in the dark
thirsting for drugs on a search in Echo Park
that’s the fastest way to meet a narc
you gotta have yourself a willy wanka
my candyman chills down in Santa Monica
his boyfriend, she works down on Santa Monica
selling her body and her skills in the boudioure
or a bedroom or some dudes care. that’s how things are
on Melrose: fashionistas and boy toys
Standing in line to get fauxhawks at floyds

on the sunset strip it shines all right
when it hits 2 o’clock, not a person in sight
do you even know a guy who knows a guy who
still thinks the whiskey is the place to go? i don’t think so
this city can be fickle, it changes overnight
let’s turn up the lights so we can party out right

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