Hate Traffic? Build Streetcar, Elect Obama


If you live in Los Angeles, and you want long-term solutions to decades of growth and government buffoonery, you just might want to consider Barack Obama for President.

On a day when Downtown Los Angeles held workshops to discuss a new streetcar project for Bringing Back Broadway, Obama is making noise on an even larger scale. A national scale.

From BikePortland via StreetsblogLA:

If we are going to solve our energy problems we’ve got to think long term. It’s time for us to be serious about investing in alternative energy. It’s time for us to get serious about raising fuel efficiency standards on cars. It’s time that the entire country learn from what’s happening right here in Portland with mass transit and bicycle lanes and funding alternative means of transportation.

Imagine, a President that is a proponent of fuel efficiency, mass transit, and bikeability. But, what does Portland have to do with L.A.?

That happens to be one of the sites of a recent road trip by Los Angeles officials who are in the exploratory phase of this city’s own revived streetcar system. Blogdowntown has some excellent coverage of today’s Streetcar Workshop. Quote of the day belongs to Ken Johnsen, Project Director for Seattle’s South Lake Union Streetcar:

Use what other cities have already done. “The key is keeping it simple and keeping it fast.” Get your first line open instead of studying the project to death. Two months after the Seattle streetcar opened (in December), the City Council already had a system map of all sort of other lines they now wanted to build.

Fast & easy. That’s how we like ’em.

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  1. No kidding “keep it simple, keep it fast”. Until our transit is as fast or faster than a car it is going to be difficult to get people out of their cars.

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