Holy Freaking CHRIST already –

Planning on doing some driving this holiday weekend?

Well you have my sympathies.

Gas prices jumped about 10 cents today, and this one really sticks it in and twists it – the station is on Hollywood Way in Burbank, near Warner Bros.

I hope the gas station owners choke on a chicken bone.

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  1. In December, you’ll be looking back fondly on the days of $4/gallon gasoline. It’s never going down from here. Best think about rearranging your life to minimize driving.

  2. Heatseeker is correct, I heard the same dire $5 warning a couple of weeks ago.

    The sad thing is that the station owners I know are holding back margins as much as they can but are losing money as sales are starting to drop with the last few rounds of wholesale price increases.

    Worse, none of this is in our control. We aren’t a major oil supplier and we don’t control world pricing. I just wonder how much the worldwide economy can absorb before we see a economic collapse like the 1930’s.

    dhosek…most I know have minimized our driving as much as we can. Now its some of the luxury items that are getting cut out now and that is what is going to have a bigger drag on the economy.

  3. Thank goodness the United States has a balanced and sustainable transportation system so we can use the alternatives at times like these! It would be a shame if this country had put all its transportation eggs in one basket!

  4. Doran you are probably not entirely incorrect. In the UK a few contacts of mine already let me know they are paying the equivalent of $10/gal so we still have it pretty easy.

  5. I can’t wait for $10 a gallon. That will be the single best way to get people in LA to actually think about where and how often they are driving and who else is going there and start carpooling which will help traffic, etc. I know so many people who live in the same area and go to the same events and all drive on their own. If it cost them $30 to drive, they’d all be in one car for sure.

  6. The crazy thing is that it already costs people so much to park separately, but they do not carpool.

    By the way, cheapest gas I know of is at Beverly and Fairfax. I may have already mentioned that elsewhere, but it bears repeating. Unleaded is under $4 (only by 3ยข but I’ll take whatever I can get).

  7. And let’s make that an extra-big, extra-sharp chicken bone for the owner of the station on the northeast corner of Melrose and Fairfax, where the cost of regular has been hovering at around $4.69 for about a month now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they jack it up to $5 for the holiday. Yow.

  8. I hope the gas station owners choke on a chicken bone.

    Umm… The gas station owners merely provide you with your gas. They don’t set the prices.

    Don’t shoot the messenger.

  9. I’m pretty sure that I saw $4.25 this morning in Pedro, but it’s a weird gas station that no one ever goes to, and that numerous folks suspect of watering down the gas.

  10. Well, the last time I checked the Los Angeles Gas Prices web site, there was almost 60 cents difference between the lowest and highest gas prices around town. So it seems some folks near the retail end are taking advantage of the situation. If it’s not the station owners, I’d suspect the distributors.

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