Worst Driver in the History of the Universe?

img_0880-custom.JPGThis driver is playing his guitar while driving.  That’s right, a full size guitar.  If you look carefully at the picture, you can see the part of the guitar’s head and tuning pegs sticking out the driver’s window while he plays.

Talking on the cell phone?  Applying makeup?  Eating an In-N-Out burger?  Drinking a Big Gulp?  Nope, I’d say playing a guitar is pretty much the most unsafe thing a driver can do in a car while driving, alone. 

18 thoughts on “Worst Driver in the History of the Universe?”

  1. What makes this extra special is the fact that his registration isn’t even current. Apparently, he isn’t at all concerned about keeping a low profile.

    More importantly.. What was he playing? Was his fingering correct? Did he know all the lyrics?

    Next time, we want audio, Matt.

  2. I think he should be strung up, whether he’s a minor or not. Don’t let the scale of this be diminished, we should hammer-on the punishment, it will strike a chord with the public.

  3. Hey, no hijacking this post to fulfill your perverted pun fantasies. Start yer own pun blog for that.

    Jason and doran – I know, what a lame blogger I am, not even including audio. Maybe he was singing this song. Micki Krimmel too? This fits my theory of the 10,000, in which, if you think up any sick, crazy activity, no matter how drunk you are at the time, there are at least 10,000 people who do it on a regular basis, and they probably have online groups set up to discuss it.

  4. puns are the lowest form of humor.
    I use them. often.

    That said the best I’ve ever seen was a guy getting a hummer in BH in an old Triumph. Top down, the car not hers. The 1-2 and 3-4 shifts were murder and I’d be willing to be he got teeth.

  5. Hence the qualifier “alone.” The hummer would have been safer, visually speaking, in a Hummer.

  6. I think the worst is actually reading a book in the car, which I’ve seen people do at least twice. The guitar, there’s a possibility you could NOT look at it while playing. The book, you HAVE to look at it.

  7. Funny you should mention that, Lucinda. I remember a near accident years ago in Indianapolis when a guy swerved into my lane because he was on his cell phone while trying to look up a number in a phone book. A phone book. Yellow pages. In his lap. While driving.

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