It Caught My Eye: The Cougars Of Culver City

Had I not pedaled through the Fox Hills Mall parking lot in search of an alternate route that might allow me to bypass the slightly squirrely stretch of northbound Sepulveda under the Marina Freeway and up to to Jefferson I wouldn’t have seen them. Had I not disobeyed the right turn only sign out of the backside of the lot onto Hannum Avenue I wouldn’t have seen them. But instead I did both things and as a reward I discovered a pair of mountain lions in repose atop the sandstone outcropping that’s set back from the curve in the road (map) that transitions motorists from Hannum to eastbound Slauson Avenue (click thumbnails to humongify):

coog1.jpg coog2.jpg

I suppose the almost entirely isolated triangular plot of land (map) extending behind these big bronze cats and bordered by those two streets and the eastern end of the Marina Freeway is considered by some cubicle-bound municipal bureaucrats to qualify as greenspace — because it’s green and open space — but it’s about as accessible as a liver transplant for a medical marijuana user.

A plaque at the foot of the installation reads:

Gwynn Murrill
Cougar I Cougar II
September 1991

And a quick Google ogle reveals the 65-year-old artist’s studio is on Venice Boulevard (and her birthday is June 15). For any downtowners familiar the the coyote sculptures of South park that can be found forever in frolic on the lawn outside the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising… yep, those are hers, too.

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  1. There are a couple of big cats (and several little ones) prowling the Technicolor/Yahoo campus where I work. I’ll see if I can grab a photo of them. They’re very similar.

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