Metro Tweets Again!


Metro has used Twitter a ground-breaking second time!

You may remember the first MetroTweet regarding another highly informative online chat with Pam O’Connor scheduled for tomorrow. Tweet #2 is a reminder to sign up for system alert emails, which notify you of any schedule changes or other Metro shenanigans.

For those that aren’t yet familiar with Twitter, this is like the pizza delivery guy arriving at your door to tell you that your pizza is ready for pick up.

But, let’s give the kids running L.A.’s trains and buses the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they’re just testing the waters and preparing a full roll-out of System Alert Tweets right to your phone to say things like, “Hey, this Gold Line train is running 10 minutes late. Sorry ’bout that.”

Yes we can.

2 thoughts on “Metro Tweets Again!”

  1. The Twitter idea is great if MTA can really make a go of it. Heaven knows their trip planner on the website leaves much to be desired. I’m a Red Line user, and usually find that it runs 4 minutes late in the evenings, but consistently so.

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