Monday Bullets: The Many Faces of Obsession

  • latenightneonsign.jpgLike Obama vs. Clinton, the Metblogs poll that would not die is finally in the championship round. The home stretch. The big finish. What is the absolute worst thing about Los Angeles, LAUSD or Cost of Owning a Home? Vote carefully. The fate of a city hangs in the balance.
  • Another Midwesterner relocates to L.A. via New York, and finds that L.A. is not New York. That’s odd. The Fake Angeleno wants to know where one can eat late on the Westside.
  • Just in time for the opening of the latest Indiana Jones, Los Angeles Lexi announces her intention to marry Shia Labeouf, and shares her plans to stalk him in Echo Park.
  • Dear Dick Wolf turns one local actor’s Law & Order addiction into an online resume submission / love letter. She wants to be on the show. She wants to meet Dick.
  • And some jerk on a bike steals the L.A. Times from the driveway of M-M-M-My Pomona’s house. Oh, no he didn’t. She calls the cops, and gives them a clear description of the paper in question.

Photo from The Fake Angeleno