Google Street View Taunts Us With Cheap Gas

I got myself an apartment.

I know, we were all on pins and needles over that, but as of next week I’ll be a Glendale resident. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like technology when it comes to the ol’ apartment hunt. Type the address into Google Maps, hit ENTER, and then marvel at your ability to check out a prospective neighborhood from the comfort of your laptop. Save on gas!

‘Course, you’re not getting a live feed (and for that, I think we should all be thankful.) The images are a little out of date. But, intrigued by the time lapse, I found myself cruising up and down streets looking for differences. That, naturally, became a hunt for gas stations, looking for prices. Now, I remember the gas rationing days of the late Seventies under Carter. Gas was at about $.77 per gallon. That’s almost unimaginable. But I find that when I look at these images, I feel the same sort of nostalgia.

Is that wrong?

Gas Prices

More images after the jump.

Gas PricesGas PricesGas Prices

4 thoughts on “Google Street View Taunts Us With Cheap Gas”

  1. Now, I remember the gas rationing days of the late Seventies under Carter. Gas was at about $.77 per gallon.

    I remember people in the long lines that stretched down the block from the service station near my house bitching about prices having gone over $1.00/gallon and heading toward $1.20.

    I was unemployed at the time, and took to wandering up and down the lines every morning, selling coffee and day-old doughnuts to the waiting motorists.

    Of course, I also remember that the minimum wage back then was $2.90/hr, and you could get a nice 1-bedroom apartment in the Valley for around $200-$250 a month.

    And I try to remember that my friends in Europe and the UK are currently paying $8-9/gallon, too.

    (Though if I had their ‘free’ health care, I could afford to pay more for gas, too…)

  2. Glad to see your living situation has been settled. As for the price of gas during the rationing days I vaguely remember driving around my hometown with my dad as he searched for a station that was still under a dollar a gallon.

  3. The last flickr friend I chatted with reminded me that just east of London they are paying close to $10/gal right now. He reminded me as well that an suv like the Explorer or Grand Cherokee has an annual road use tax of 1,800. Things are bleak everywhere when it comes to fuel prices.

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