Hasta Pronto!


It’s been awhile since I lasted posted here, damn full time work seems to get in the way of various projects, interests, and general internet goofing around. Yet another reason why work should be abolished. Rather than pretend I can somehow be at more than one place at a time, I just popped in to say Adios. It was fun being part of the crew here at blogging.la, but it’s best I stop wasting pixel space here. If you’re interested, you can find my posts over at LAEastside.com, where I’m teaming up with a few other people to give a different take on life here in Los Angeles. Naturally, I will be continuing the Eastside 101 posts (the most recent one being about Brooklyn & Soto) along with the usual dosage of stupidities you’ve all come to expect from me. For even more pendejadas, I’m still going at it over on my personal site chanfles.com/blog. Well, ya ‘stubo. Nos vemos al otro lado del rio!

Your Amigo, EL CHAVO!

6 thoughts on “Hasta Pronto!”

  1. Its about time! Get outta here! Scrat!
    But don’t forget about the $20 you owe me for the thing that shall not be named that happened with you know who at that place on the Westsider’s Eastside.

  2. You mean you’re leaving us LA Metblogs readers here to endure the
    mostly LA Gangs vs LA Traffic rehashes from a newbie perspective???

  3. As I read Eastside 101, EastsideLA and your blog it’s like you’re not going anywhere.

    Cya around!

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