Planes of Fame Airshow This Weekend

p-40.jpgI love airplanes. Old ones, new ones, they are all unbelievably cool. And this weekend the Planes of Fame Air Museum holds it’s biggest airshow at the Chino Airport. This is an Antique Aircraft show where you can get close up to many vintage planes you might have only seen in WWII movies. The P-40 Warhawk (seen here) the P-51 Mustang, the B-25 Bomber, the P-38 and just to see how far the military aircraft have come, an F-16.

On both Saturday and Sunday the show opens at 8 am and the flight demonstrations begin at 11 and last until 4. You will see vintage formation fly-bys, aerobatic demonstrations, wing walkers, Reno Air Racer fly-bys and a few other surprises along the way. In between flights you can wander through the planes parked on the tarmac to get even closer views of these amazing aircraft. There are also great food vendors if you don’t want to haul in a picnic.

Great family fun. Or just great fun for airplane geeks like me. Just check the weather and dress accordingly, it can be warm out there.

Planes of Fame Airshow 2008

More pictures and details after take off.

I went to the air show in 2000 and dug out a few photos for this post.

Mustang and P-38 cruising together.

B-25: “Photo Fanny”

B-25: “Mitch the Witch”

In 2000 they had a Flying Wing as part of the show. This is the Northrop N-9M and is a 1/3 scale test model of what the military really wanted in the 40’s.

It is unbelievably stealthy in flight, until it gets close enough that the REALLY LOUD PROPELLER ENGINES give it away. She’s like a cartoon come to life!

And here is something you just don’t see every day: a P-51 (Mustang), a P-38 and and F-15. Awesome.

After the show, we were walking out past the actual Planes of Fame Museum and they have a B-17 Flying Fortress that you can walk through. I had seen one in flight at another antique airshow years before, but had not seen one up close and personal. I was excited and climbed in. Then something took over as I realized this aircraft, the symbol of American power in WWII, is in so many ways flimsy and tiny compared to the myth you might imagine. I’m not uber patriotic or anything, I just like airplanes and history and to step into both at once was very moving, imagining all those very young men (teenagers!) up there, mission after mission.

(I took all the photos posted here on good old fashioned film and then scanned the photos. They don’t get bigger.)

8 thoughts on “Planes of Fame Airshow This Weekend”

  1. I work very near the Van Nuys airport. Last week, a P-51 Mustang flew nearly overhead going hell bent for leather.

    The distintive sound of that Rolls-Royce engine gives chills up my spine every time.

    BTW…you don’t run across too many chicks who dig vintage aircraft.

    Julie Frey = CrazySexyCool

  2. Oh…I also forgot to mention that tomorrow is Armed Forces Day.

    Freedom: Thank A Soldier : )

  3. That P-51 was the “Betty Jane”, a TP-51C (the only surviving 51C two-place trainer) that was part of the Collings Foundation‘s annual Wings of Freedom tour, which brings operational WWII aircraft to airports around the US.

    Locally, they generally visit Long Beach, La Verne, Burbank, and Camarillo.
    They were in Burbank last weekend.

    This year’s lineup also included a B-24, a B-25, and a B-17. The Foundation offers ground-based tours and passenger flights aboard the bombers, as well as (seriously expensive) training flights aboard the Betty Jane.

    They’ll be back again next year – they usually come through every year in May.

    If you’ve ever dreamed of buzzing the Hollywood sign in a B-17, start saving your pennies now. :-)

  4. (Just to be clear, by “that P-51”, I meant the one that theuglyamerican heard cranking over Van Nuys – probably on its way from BUR to Camarillo. The P-51 in the airshow photos is a different one.)

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