In Santa Monica, Even the Palm Trees Have a Spa

The man in the cherry picker is wielding the same implement as the Grim Reaper, but he’s the polar opposite, both in appearance and in function.  This man in white is giving the palm trees at Sixth and Santa Monica a manicure.  He leans way over and hacks off large fronds , letting them crash to the ground many feet below.

If the fronds remain on the ground long enough, dogs come over and pee on them.  I don’t know why dogs love to pee on palm fronds.  You’d have to ask the dogs.

The trees look impeccable.  The dogs are happy.  Two of the City’s most important constituencies.  For a brief time at Sixth and Santa Monica, harmony reigns. 

3 thoughts on “In Santa Monica, Even the Palm Trees Have a Spa”

  1. I think that they are a big fire hazard and also harbor rat infestations if left un-“manicured”.

    They do it in L.A. too. In fact, the extra expense of maintaining them is why the city of L.A. is no longer planting them outside of prominent tourist spots.

    I don’t think it’s just for appearance’s sake, but I’m not 100% sure.

  2. Robb – thanks for the comments. Coincidentally, the latest story about ficus tree removal in S.M. came out within an hour of my post. It does seem like some trees are more equal than others. And it’s true that those fronds can be pretty heavy when they crash to the ground, after grooming, high winds or otherwise. I have had a couple of close calls myself.

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