ICME: Bunnicula lives!

In spirit at least…

I love big things on buildings; the odder the better.   Naturally, I was more than pleased when driving down Lakewood Blvd. I saw this docile creature:

Big thing?  Check.

On a building?  Check.

Odd?  Hell yeah.

That’s a huge-ass rabbit.  I thought it was the oddest pet store I’ve ever seen, but it’s sitting atop a feed store.  I don’t know if that makes it stranger.

8 thoughts on “ICME: Bunnicula lives!”

  1. My great-grandmother lived 3 blocks from the bunny. I’ve seen it since birth. Glad to see it’s still there!

  2. There’s a chicken about two miles North on Lakewood that would devour this rabbit…

  3. Must see the chicken. It must be just north of the freeway. I know I shot about 12 sites in Lakewood back in 2006 and I did 5 last year. I don’t know how I managed to never see this before.

  4. Speaking of chickens, have you seen the Big Chicken just outside of Atlanta? It used to serve as a redneck Mapquest (“go a mile past the Big Chicken, turn left …”)

  5. walstib8085 and faboomama, the big chicken is gone. It was at Henry Moffett’s Chicken Pot Pies, which was demolished about 8-10 months ago.

  6. Too bad about the chicken. We live on the street at the rabbit. We would tell people, “If you see a giant rabbit you went the right way. If you see a giant chicken, turn around and find the rabbit.” Guess that’s out….

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