Frying Eggs in the Valley


It’s effin’ hot, son.

How hot? In the past hour, I witnessed one guy drive halfway through an intersection on a green arrow. Five minutes later, I saw two bald dudes wearing Polo shirts and pagers, arguing on the side of the road near Riverside & Laurel Canyon. They were both yelling. They were both pushing. They were both making asses of themselves. You hit me. Yeah? Well, you cut me off. Fuck you. Fuck you, too. Push. Shove.

Just minutes before all of this, I snapped the above photo from my car, for no reason whatsoever. It’s just a utility pole. It’s probably been there for years. Maybe decades. The guy that put it up is probably dead. I wonder how much of his life was wasted on stupid arguments.

4 thoughts on “Frying Eggs in the Valley”

  1. After I got back from Lakewood, I did a full 20 minutes of work and then donned my swimsuit. I spent all day in the pool with my kiddies. I just got out and it was glorious. After all the “May Gray” of the past two weeks, I was ridiculously thrilled that I didn’t see a single cloud in the sky.

  2. I like days like today. Toasty 106 on my patio here on outer monrovia at 5Pm. Life is good as long as you are around others who love the desert.

  3. I managed to snag a Glendale apartment in today’s heat. It’s cheaper than I expected, and it has AC in the bedroom. Plus, it’s close to lots of other air-conditioned places. But wow, the heat.

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