64 Worst Championship Round: LAUSD vs. Cost of Owning a Home


It’s the big dance, baby! The round that will decide what is the absolute worst thing about Los Angeles.

Is it the high cost of owning a home, which arguably has put the so called “American Dream” out of reach of the vast majority of Los Angeles residents and created an even steeper class divide?

Or the Los Angeles Unified School District, the notorious bureaucracy that has wasted millions on broken payroll systems, unusable schools, irrelevant architecture, and unnecessary internal staffing while classrooms remain overcrowded, unsafe, and plagued with inexcusable dropout rates. (by the way, LAUSD very narrowly beat out Gang Violence in the last round by 2 votes, 51% to 49%.)

So, Los Angeles, what is the absolutely worst thing about this city:

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7 thoughts on “64 Worst Championship Round: LAUSD vs. Cost of Owning a Home”

  1. A safe, affordable place to call home is not a luxury either – with no options to buy landlords see it as open season to gouge renters. If you can’t live in LAUSD going to school in LAUSD is beside the point. I would further mention that when police, firemen and other city service employees can’t live in the communities they serve they have less of a vested interest in their work. That was my tie-breaking logic on this one.

    On the other hand – I think that one of the best things to be done for LAUSD is to fire all the top earning executive types and hire parents (or anyone else) that is actually interested in doing the job and not just cashing their pay checks.

  2. Yeah! What he said.

    Got to agree with Aartvark on this one. LAUSD may suck, but it becomes irrelevant if you can’t afford to live there.

  3. Prop 13 has nothing to do with the teacher’s union which has fought reform, protected child molesters, fought to keep criminal principals on the job and has destroyed what used to be a quality public educational system.

  4. LA will not be safe and “affordable”, nor LAUSD, so long as every government entity is run by socialists.

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