6 thoughts on “The Official Freeway Ride Video #2 (Bikes!)”

  1. Robert Hurst, in his excellent book The Art of Urban Cycling, refers to riding a bike as transportation as, in many ways, “a slap in the face to contemporary American culture.”

    That makes this ride the Bitch Slap!

  2. I’d totally ride a bike..if other bikers around here weren’t complete dicks with their peloton-style riding and their gay Livestrong bracelets.

    Besides, why are we promoting people riding bikes on the freeawy? Isn’t that illegal?!

  3. I understand the point they are trying to make, put the legality issues aside, being on the freeway they are taking their life in their hands. That is the last place a driver would expect a bike. Sadly in metal vs flesh confrontations flesh loses.

  4. @aaronproctor: other people’s Livestrong bracelets are what’s keeping you from riding a bike?

    @frazgo: tsk, tsk, tsk, those cyclists could get hurt out there in the parking lot!

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