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Epic Fail or Epic Win?Apparently the Church of Scientology has scored an “epic win” over the SPs at Enterbulation, the anti-Scientology message board run by “Anonymous.” Mashable reports that Google has closed Enterbulation’s AdSense account, apparently for “posing a significant risk to… AdWords advertisers” and could cause “financial damage.”

Enturbulation talks about Scientology a lot, and AdSense picks up the context wrong, serving a bunch of pro-Scientology ads there (which are, most probably, the only Scientology-related ads there are). (h/t LAist)

The whole thing reminded of a post Jason Burns wrote a couple days ago, speculating that the Church of Scientology may be entering into an exclusive lease with a new Hollywood apartment building. The post, as shown in the screengrab above, had been “sponsored” by the Church of Scientology!

Like Enterbulation (up until a few days ago anyway), part of Metblogs revenue comes from AdSense, which places ads based on keywords. Like “Scientology.” Or the “Church of Scientology.” Or “learn more about Scientology.” The more the key words are mentioned, the more likely certain ads will show up. Like the Church of Scientology’s ads.

Not sure how much money Metblogs made off the click thrus there, but I encourage EVERYONE to support Scientology whenever they appear on any page here. (I encourage everyone to visit all our advertisers, but especially Scientology.) You might learn something!*

*Edited 12:10am, May 16th. 

6 thoughts on “Metblogs – proudly sponsored by Scientology!”

  1. After clicking the ads, I realized that on a higher level, Engrams are revealed to be none other than Body Thetans.

    Thanks LA Metblog!

  2. the correct spelling for the site is ENTURBULATION

    It’s a fun and very informative site. And really, I didnt know how creepy scientology was until I took some fliers at an Anonymous protest

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