Now You’re Rockin’ With Power

In Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar’s latest entry in their mega popular video game franchise, protagonist Niko Bellic has 15 radio stations at his disposal in his (stolen) car stereo. Hear a song you like? Just have Niko use his in-game cellphone to dial a number, and you’ll receive a real-world email with information on the song, artist, and how you can purchase the music.

Did somebody say, ” El yawn-o?”

This is the sorry state of video game soundtracks today. Bleep bloop has given way to silly marketing campaigns.

But have no fear, the Minibosses are here! More specifically, they’ll be at downtown’s The Smell this Saturday night, playing with Totally Radd!!, Fatigo, and Bossk.

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the Minibosses are a hard-rockin’ Nintendo cover band whose setlists are exclusively comprised of soundtracks from games from the NES, Nintendo’s 8-bit console from the ’80s.

Photo: The Minibosses crank the 8-bit up to 11. Courtesy of the Minibosses.

Named after those mid-level video game foes who require more firepower to defeat than a regular baddie but not as much as a final stage enemy, the Minibosses feature Aaron Burke and Ben Baraldi on guitars, Robin Vining on bass, and Matt Wood on drums. Together, their twin-guitar propelled sound turns catchy themes from classic games like Castlevania, Mega Man 2, Ninja Gaiden, and Contra into fist-pounding, mosh-worthy, and often epic rock odysseys.

What say you? Think I’m prone to hyperbole? Well, doubting Thomas, just download their album Brass for free and listen for yourself.

And now for my special tip for the evening. Whatever you do, don’t let them leave the stage without playing the theme to Metroid.

Either that, or face the wrath of the Mother Brain herself.

6 thoughts on “Now You’re Rockin’ With Power”

  1. I saw the Minibosses a few years back at DEF CON – they were pretty good. They do a great cover of the theme from the GI Joe Movie, too.

  2. Mike: It makes me smile that a bunch of bands are eating because of some kids who found their song on GTA. Sorry if the experience spoils the fun for you.

  3. Oren: Take a deep breath. My preference for 80’s bleep bloop music isn’t going to shake up the video game industry’s world or take food out of any starving band’s mouth. I also prefer hand-drawn animation to CGI animation. Doesn’t mean I want Pixar’s staff to starve to death.

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