93% of Los Angeles is Digitally Dumb

new_cell_phone.jpgWho are the “most digitally savvy consumers” in America today? The early adopters of online technology and new-fangled gee-wiz gadgetry? That’s a question answered by Advertising Age:

Not Los Angeles.

Earlier, Mark Pritchard of SF Metblogs expressed his ire over San Francisco’s #10 ranking on the list. At least his city is ON THE LIST. According to the new findings, only 7% of L.A. is “digitally savvy.” This puts us on par with Tucson and Little Rock. Yes.. Little Rock, Arkansas. In comparison, Austin came in at #1 with 12%, and Green Bay brings up the rear at 1%.

No wonder it took so long to get turn signals in this town.

3 thoughts on “93% of Los Angeles is Digitally Dumb”

  1. Uh. This post is dumb. Being an “early adopter” means risking/wasting your money on potentially buggy products that require updates and perhaps recalls. Being an early adopter doesn’t guarantee the success of the product. Remember the Apple Newton? Didn’t think so. It’s more *digitally smart* to invest in a product that has proven reliability and a relatively good support system, don’tchathink? Rather than being lame-ass “oohgottahaveit!” consumerist sheep? Besides, the economy sux0rz for everyone in the country (not just Los Angeles, this blog seems to think all of the problems in the world exist in this city and everything is just fine and dandy once you step out of the area…yeah right), and in this eco-conscious era, you really don’t wanna spend your money on something that’s just gonna end up as e-waste.

  2. I second the Militant Angeleno. The report is not actually about being truly digitally savvy. It’s about concentrations of “digitally savvy” CONSUMERS, who may very well be quite gullible. Paying to download ring tones? Right.

  3. On Par with Little Rock? I was there last year, and that’s not a good sign, I’ll tell you. Although, if we could be on par with Little Rock in the BBQ category, I’ll take the digital dumbness in stride.

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