Phrase of the Day: In a Hillary

angryhillary.jpgHil·la·ry [hiluh-ree] – noun

1. New York Senator currently running for President

2. A state of denial.

Example: If Britney Spears still thinks she can make a comeback, then she’s in quite a Hillary.

The New York Observer got their hands on a invitation that has Hillary Clinton in Century City this Thursday for another fund raiser to drag out the breakup, and further postpone her inevitable elimination.

If you thought for one second that I wouldn’t post the invite after the jump, then you too, are in a Hillary.

A reader sends over the following email from Los Angeles Clinton bundler Yashar Hedayat to Clinton donors, about a fund-raiser for the candidate in Century City on Thursday:


Just a reminder that this Thursday Senator Clinton will be in town for a fundraiser in Century City. With six contests left, Senator Clinton needs the resources to continue competing through June 3rd. Please see details below and if you’d like to attend, please respond to this e-mail or call XXXXXXXXX.

Also if you can’t attend but still want to contribute, please go to:




Please welcome back to Los Angeles

Senator Hillary Clinton

America’s next President

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

2025 Avenue of the Stars

Los Angeles

$150 per person

Special Guest: $1,250 (includes VIP reception with Hillary)

Honored Guest: $2,300 (includes VIP reception for yourself and a guest)

17 thoughts on “Phrase of the Day: In a Hillary”

  1. Dear Obama supporters,
    I admit it. I voted for Hillary. I like her. I like her fight, her spirit, her unwillingness to give up. I am constantly amazed by the overwhelming hatred so many Obama fans constantly express about her. Its sort of like San Fransisco (Obama) and LA. (Hillary). SFers HATE LA!!!! Angelinos think SF is a pretty nice city. The people I know who voted for Hillary think Obama is a pretty good guy and might be okay as a candidate. They just like Hillary more.( No frothing at the mouth rants so common in the Obama camp.) Yesterday, as I was being yelled at by a friend and Obama fan I realized that this was a really bad political strategy. When and if Obama gets the nomination he will need all those people who voted for Hill. Its not smart to be alienating us. The thousands of snide, clever, and incredibly mean-spirited Obama bloggers are out of touch with the message their candidate espouses. I would be more impressed with Obama (and I am impressed with him already) if he would address his supporters and their tactics, which, I hope, aren’t his. Obama can’t win without Hillary supporters. Think about it.

  2. fiver: Obama supporters had to (and still do) deal with Hilliary mentioning Wright at every opportunity. Hilliary supporters never heard Obama himself mention Bosnia even once.

    So, please try to understand, when your chosen candidate goes aggressively negative, there’s going to be an equally negative response, and because Obama himself refuses to “go negative”, his supporters feel they need to instead.

    Hope this clarifies things.

  3. fiver, i find your comment fairly interesting. Hillary herself has been such a poor sport in this race. how many of her staffers and high profile supporters have had to bow out because of some scandal in discrediting Obama?
    1. Norman Hsa – fundraising fraud
    2. Geraldine Ferraro – made some unsavory comments about race
    3. Clinton herself misrepresented an incident as first lady having come under fire when there was video footage contradicting
    4. 2 staffers were fired for sending an email implying Obama was a Muslim intent on destroying America
    5. a staffer was meeting with Colombians to benefit his pr firm and in direct conflict to Hillary’s position on free trade with Colombia

    I’ll admit i am an Obama supporter, but this is because i feel that Hillary is politics as usual. I think this politics as usual is causing the Obama supports to be very vocal in their dislike of Hillary. But really, blogging and opinions about political candidates is to be expected. blogs are so much more ever present in this race than in previous races, that i fear you are attributing too much to Obama blog supporters. How can you hold some blogger’s opinions against a candidate? Obama himself has been very careful in his speeches to not denigrate Hillary, which i have not noticed as much in Hillary’s speeches.

  4. I take issue with Fiver as well. When this race began I felt pretty optimistic that we had some great candidates, and even though I’ve been behind Obama all along, that I’d be pretty happy if Clinton received the nomination.
    However, her attitude and tactics have repeatedly offended me to the point that I’d possibly vote for McCain over her (unfortunately, even McCain has lost my respect over the past few months).
    This was Clinton’s nomination to lose, and she sabotaged it herself.

    But Fiver is right – the Clinton supporters themselves have been less actively vocal about any dislike of Obama, than Obama’s have been of Clinton. And that is a shame.

  5. I have seen time and time again african americans being interviewed for newscasts,all over the country,saying they are voting for Obama to bring back MLK jr.s dream. NOT for his politics or his positions.But because he is himself african american. I find this incredibly annoying and ignorant. I would not vote for Clinton just because I am woman and so is she.

  6. lezgull, but many Hillary supporters are voting for her just because she’s a woman. Maybe you’ve missed it, but those women (and their daughters) have also been all over the news as well.

    This is one of the reasons given for her continuing to stay in the race, to give those women a chance to vote for “their” candidate. I certainly don’t think it’s a good idea to choose race or gender over, let’s say, how well they’ll run the country. But I do understand it.

  7. and doran…thats why McCain might just pull it off. Because both democratic sides are sick of all the rhetoric from both candidates and their supporters.

  8. I’m a gdi wishing that a credible alternative would show up this race. There has only been a couple of elections where I didn’t have to chose between a douche and a turd.

  9. I learned to despise Hillary back in the 90’s when she blew out best, greatest chance for real health care. I wouldn’t vote for her as dog catcher.

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