Do You Need to Find Someone?

Okay, it’s Hollywood and I’m a reality TV producer so occasionally I run across cool opportunities. Or weird ones. Or both. Like this….

A friend of mine here in LA is doing a series called, “The Locator”. The gist is that there’s a real life amazing private investigator who can find anyone. So, if you are l yearning to find a missing person in your life – be it a parent, sibling, ex, friend, mentor, teacher – anyone with whom you feel a deep connection…. and don’t have the cash to find them- this might be the chance for you to get thousands of dollars of investigative services at NO cost. And be on TV.

The producers will film the experience for the show. Any travel expenses will naturally be covered. Might be just the ticket to find that long lost love in Montana! Send them an email: [email protected] if you are interested.

Happy Looking!

4 thoughts on “Do You Need to Find Someone?”

  1. Interesting premise, but I have a lot of luck googling, found a college friend recently in IL, and old roommate from college living in Columbia of all godforsake places found me on a google search.

    If I think of anyone I can’t find via google I’ll drop the guy a note.

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