64 Worst Bloodmatch: Cost of Owning a Home vs. Slow 911 Response Time

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The “winner” of this brawl will go up against the “winner” of yesterday’s bloodmatch to determine the absolutely worst thing about Los Angeles- still time to vote on both.

There’s nothing worse than calling 911 and being put on hold or disconnected, except, of course, being told help is on the way and then it never showing up. Whether its due to a poorly relayed address, overwhelmed emergency services, or sheer imcompetency, somehow I think we’d be safer if we were told flat out “help won’t be coming for you” so we could spend time handling the emergency ourselves.

I’m surprised the Cost of Owning a Home has come this far in the 64 Worst polling, considering that a) home prices dropped an outstanding 9.6% between February and March of this year, b) home prices dropped a stunning 25.6% between March 2007 and March 2008, and c) the reason the numbers remain so impossibly high is due to the arrogance of the public who kept buying inflated prices based on ill conceived notions that there could possibly be no real estate bubble. Seriously, people, did you learn nothing from the dot com bust? Or are you too busy still buying stake in Google to be paying attention? [data: California Association of Realtors]

 Which is worse about Los Angeles:
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8 thoughts on “64 Worst Bloodmatch: Cost of Owning a Home vs. Slow 911 Response Time”

  1. Hey! It’s showing the results of 8 votes and not letting me vote! It’s split 50-50! I want to break the tie!!!!!

  2. You know, if x represents the cost of buying a home in March of 2007, and x = prohibitively expensive, x-((.256x)+(.096(x-.256x))) could still be prohibitively expensive.

  3. Seriously – I didn’t vote in this poll and it’s showing it as if I already have. I voted on the last one – LAUSD vs gang violence I think it was. Not this one. What’s up?

  4. Voice of reason…if you are involved in a serious accident, burglary, etc, do you really care what housing pricing costs? No, I think you will be thinking that every second counts until help arrives.

  5. Colinski – Unsure if you got my emails, but the same IP address that your comments are logged under was reported as having voted a few minutes before your first comment here, although by an unregistered reader (meaning someone who wasn’t logged into a Metblogs account voted from the same network you’re on).

  6. People die when 911 doesn’t answer.

    People rent when they can’t afford to buy.

    Which is the bigger problem?

  7. 69% for Cost of a Home (right now)… No brainer for me since I’m looking for one and there’s a suspicion in my gut that realtors and banks are colluding to keep the market from collapsing and correcting the insane increase of about the last eight or so years… People were actually paying 700-800k for 1100sq.ft homes in North Hollywood(!) and no one thought there was something really wrong with that?

  8. Your tinfoil hat is too tight.

    Realtors have nothing to do with it — they don’t make any money if nothing is selling.

    Prices are correcting, but lenders aren’t discounting their REOs yet in order to keep prices from falling too fast. If you too steeply discount foreclosures and REOs, values for everyone else in the neighborhood plummet, more people are underwater, more walk, prices drop farther, and so on.

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